Beautiful Bathtubs For Gorgeous Bathroom Design

Bathrooms may be small sized or big, traditional looking or contemporary; but nobody can deny the importance of furnishing the bathrooms as comfortably as possible. When the bathroom layout is efficiently planned out in the initial stages, you can be sure of having a well laid out and well furnished bathroom that will give long years of service.

Depending on the size of the bathroom you can manage the layout that will optimally utilize the space available and comfortably position the three most important aspects of the bathroom – the sink, toilet and the shower-tub facilities. Whether you can plumb along the same wet wall or on different walls will depend on the size of the room and your design also.

Bathtub is very important furniture in a well appointed bathroom. Though nowadays, some of the tiny bathrooms we see in some one room apartments do not have enough space for a bathtub. In a moderate sized bathroom, bathtub becomes the focus of the bathroom adding to the ambience and comfort, and making the bathroom look complete and cozy.

What are the general types of bathtubs we have? Tubs can be freestanding and rest on legs called claw and ball feet or they can rest on a pedestal, sitting more solidly on the floor directly. A walk-in type wall supported bathtub with all safety features will make bathing safe for senior citizens like grab bars, built-in chair and a watertight door system.

Today there are modern bathtubs made of acrylic or fiberglass. Formerly only copper, cast iron or other composites with other materials were used with enamel over the interior inner surface. Today you can find waste drains, overflow drains and mounted taps with all facilities like telephone shower, power shower options mounted on the bathtubs.

Usually rectangular or oval shaped, with the advent of thermoformed acrylic bathtubs, innovative shaped bathtubs are easy to be found in the market. Normally one end of the bathtub used to be rounded and the other side flat. Today flat rim tubs, roll top tubs, slipper tubs with one end higher and sloped, double slipper tubs, are some of the new types you can check out.

Here are some images of beautiful bathtubs from Porcher, US. Look at the beautiful claw-footed freestanding bathtub; surely you will like to have one such in your bathroom? Don’t you think the neat-looking white pedestal tub is a nice addition to your bathroom?

With Matching Wall Décor

Stand Alone with Claw Foot

Pewter Shade Wall Decor to Match

With Tile Backsplash in White

Pedestal Bathtub with Handheld Shower

Wall Supported Bathtub

Granite Outer with Full Set

In Olive Shade Outer Frame

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Functional Yet Trendy Bathroom Vanities

An essential feature of any bathroom, a bathroom vanity also adds style to your bathroom. It is one of the easiest ways to makeover the bathroom, as you can use it to change the way your bathroom looks with minimal effort. The basic function of a vanity is to provide a sink along with storage space to organise your toiletries. With an enormous variety of styles available today, vanities have now become a piece of furniture that needs to be chosen carefully!

White Glass Double Sink Vanity

It is important to get the basics right while choosing a bathroom vanity so that no issues come up later. The size and height of the vanity must be in line with your bathroom dimensions. Also important is to keep in mind the heights of the different people you expect will use the bathroom.

White Brown Wall Mounted Vanities

After all you don’t want your kids not being able to reach, or a guest having to bend too much!
There a number of models available like furniture style, freestanding or wall-mounted, and the right type depends on your budget, the bathroom size and also on the decor. Cabinet style vanities are the most common type.

Classic Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

They look like normal cabinets providing lot of storage space, but occupy a large part of the bathroom. Furniture style vanities are usually installed in small bathrooms. These are freestanding and often look like tables, making them space-saving. The vessel-type bathroom vanity consists of a freestanding base, with the sink place on the top.

White Glass Double Sink Vanity

This type is said to be more expensive than the other kinds. Wall-mounted vanities, also known as floating vanities, usually are small with limited storage in form of one or two drawers. These are also very useful for small bathrooms.
Bathroom vanities also come in lot of styles – primarily split into modern and antique/Victorian styles.

White Wood Sink Vanity

They look dramatically different so choose as per what will fit in best with the décor of your house and bathroom. Modern bathroom vanities usually combine wood, metal and glass to create a clean and minimalistic look, usually in white or neutral colours like beige. Antique style bathroom vanities are usually in wood with ample carving and shelving.

Modern Style Curved Sink Vanity

The countertops are Listvanities bathroom furniture has a wide range of bathroom vanities in different styles. Glass countertops and curved/shaped vanities define the cutting edge contemporary designs while ornate wood cabinets epitomise the antique and vintage bathroom vanities. Look around and pick the one that’s best for you.

Modern Stylish Bathroom Vanities

Luxurious Bathroom Furniture And Bathroom Vanities

Furniture For Bathrooms – Double Sink Vanity

White Glass Double Sink Vanity

Carved Cupboard Black Bathroom Vanity

White Glass Double Sink Vanity

Bathroom Vanities With Lighted Mirrors

Antique Style Bathroom Cabinets And Vanities

Bathroom Furniture Collections By Kohler

Shown below is some attractive and new collection of bathroom sinks from the big brand of sanitary products, Kohler . The sink designs shown below are sure to attract many a people and create a refreshing look for your bathroom. The creative sinks designs come in large variety of colors and patterns and this concept of printing designs on the surface has not been limited to sinks only but has been extended to bathtubs too.

Artistic Collection Of wash Basins

Artistic Collection Of wash Basins Bathroom Furniture

These designs are other products that Kohler manufactures are of the topmost quality and add a lavish feeling to your bathroom and kitchen but are still affordable by the common man.

Creative Designer Sinks For Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Furniture Designer Printed Sinks

Classy And Artistic Collection Of wash Basins

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Bathroom Furnitre Designs And Concepts By Quality Bath

Quality Bath is a place where you would be surprised to find nearly every thing that you require to furnish your bathroom. We came upon this company’s website just by chance and thought of sharing some intricate and attractive bathroom furniture designs. The collection is one of the unique collections of Quality Bath. They are known to provide a one of a kind style for the forward thinking human being. So before you remodel or start to make your new bathroom you should check out these amazing bathroom furniture designs.

Classy Green Natural Ambiance Bathroom Furniture

Classy Blue And White Bathroom Furniture

Stylish Black And White Bathroom Furniture

Amazing Sink Wall Paper Bathroom Furniture

Very Unique And Creative Bathtub Inspired By Chair

Different shapes and sizes are seen in wide variety when it comes to bathtub designs. The one shown below is surely a unique piece of design you would come across for a bathroom decor and bathroom design. It seems like a chair more than a bathtub but its selling like hot cake in the market as a bathtub itself. This unusual bathroom furniture has been designed by Studio Tholl. It presents itself as a composite tub inserted in an oblong oakwood cage. The enture design idea was to show the evolution of a chair in a bathtub. The logic behind this is extremely simple. A bathtub is something you sit in so it could be interpreted as a sitting object. The appearance of a chair and the requirements of a bathtub were used to make this evolution. The size of the bathtub is 190cm long x 85cm wide x 84cm high, so it is a really comfortable bathroom sitting place for everybody.

Unique And Unusual Shaped Bathroom Furniture Bathtub Design

Unique And Unusual Shaped Bathroom Furniture Bathtub Design

Unique And Unusual Shaped Bathroom Furniture Bathtub Design