Organizing Your Accessories for Your Dream Bathroom

Imagine how lovely it will be to have a refreshing hot shower or a nice relaxing scented soak in your tub. Do you have all your bath supplies handy so you can get the soak organized in a jiffy? How nice to have all your bathroom supplies stored neatly and accessibly! Yes, you may have a spacious and super-looking vanity cabinet. But it is not advisable to store all your cosmetics, dental-care essentials, other supplies and bathroom towels etc there! The best way will be to have a separate storage area to store your bath supplies, another shelf to store all your towels, a cabinet to keep your medicines etc.

Today, you have marvellous looking accessories available to store efficiently all your things in your bathroom. You need shower shelves or bathroom caddies to keep your bath supplies inside the shower cubicle; a small shelf to keep soap-dish and toothbrush holder near your hand-wash area; a towel rack/rail for large bath towels, a towel ring for hand towels/face towels; separate shelves to keep extra towels; a small cabinet to store your essential medicines; a waste bin and laundry baskets etc. You must discuss with your interior decorator to know what will be best suited for your bathroom. Shower caddies come in various sizes and patterns to keep all your bath supplies handy inside the shower cubicle. Right from metal type caddy that can be fixed under the shower or in any corner, to fancy shelves/caddies, you have a lot of choice. These will hold all your shampoos, shower gels, bath crystals, soap and hair conditioners etc. Just take care that you go in for good quality stuff so that it does not rust or the paint peels off.
You will need a small shelf/niche handy to hold the toothbrush stand, soap dish and face wash etc near the washbasin. Depending on the type of vanity you have fixed in the bathroom, you can select from a wide range of materials like glass, china, fibreglass, wood and even recycled glass etc. There are dainty-looking china toothbrush holder sets available which look so beautiful and add class to your bathroom.

There are beautiful and elegant wooden shelves to store your bath linen, towels, hand & face towels and other sundry items. A small cabinet with doors can hold your medicine supply. All these storage accessories help in storing your bathroom supplies efficiently and conveniently and make your bathroom look organized, neat and beautiful.

Marvellous Looking Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Set

A Well-Organized Wash Area

An Enchantingly Elegant Ceramic Set
an elegant-ceramic-brushholder-soapdish-etc

A Medicine Cabinet in Walnut Finish

A Corner Shelf in Cherry Color

A Bathroom Shower Caddy

A Beautiful Brown Wooden Shelf

Beautiful Looking Black Wooden Storage Shelf
a beautiful-black-bathroom-storage-shelf