Create Cool And Classy Looking Bathroom for Relaxing And Rejuvenating

Bathrooms are the most personal of our places in the home. After a hectic schedule of working throughout the day, bathroom is where we start to unwind. The bathroom décor can help us to feel more relaxed and rested. Think how nice it will be to have an uncluttered and neatly laid out bathroom where we can have a relaxing soak or a shower as the first step for rewinding. Whatever be the size of bathroom, we can make it look better and classy by planning wisely. First decide how you would like your bathroom to look. Then depending on the size of the bathroom, you can plan the layout for makeover. Recessed shelves, spare and neat looking cabinets, compact washbasins – all are space-saving devices to help making a small bathroom look chic and sophisticated.

Before deciding on any product, get your interior decorator come and look at the size of the bathroom. He would like to know where the existing water points, outlets, plumbing pipes etc are laid out. It is easier and better to plan the new fittings over the existing plumbing pipes, layout etc. With the kind of options available today, your dream bathroom can happen looking exactly as you want.
Today basins, countertops, vanities, cabinets, shelves – all of them can be colour co-ordinated to add to the aesthetic look and décor of choice. With the decorative wall panel options that are available today, the entire room can match the basin and countertops and vanity in colour, texture and finish. Panels will give a crisp cool look all over, making a damp tub or shower surround a thing of past!

Recessed shelves can be the best thing you can have to make your bathroom clutter-free. Weed out the unwanted stuff and organize what your essentials conveniently and neatly so the bathroom can look aesthetic and still be utilitarian. Cabinets, shelves, spacers, trays, corner shelves, mirror shelves – today you can pick and choose what you want to go into your bathroom! Here are some great looking bathrooms from Karol. The majestic looking solid wooden shelves look splendid. How beautiful is the vanity in indigo blue! The stunning looking maroons and browns are magnificent to look at. And such luxurious and classy loungers for you to relax! All are the results of best technology, design and craftsmanship!

I m sure you will have your own vision of a beautiful and classy bathroom. Get online and check all the options available. Check with your interior decorator and get set to enjoy a cool and classy bathroom!

Wonderful in White & Teal
white and teal

Royal Looking in Red & White

Gorgeous Looking in Browns & Maroons

Elegant Looking in White

Dazzling Looking in White

Cool Looking in Teal & White

Beautiful Looking in Beige & White

Beautiful & Pretty Looking Room

Aesthetically Beautiful in Indigo &Blues
aesthetic-indigo and-blues

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Add New Dimension of Splendour to Your Garden with Beautiful Birdbaths

Gardens are integral part of our homes. Whether they are small or big, each homemaker takes great pride in having a beautiful looking garden. There are many ornaments you can add to your garden – many are big sized – like a pergola, water fountain, water pond or bird cages etc. Birdbath is a small-size garden attraction you can add instantly without much construction cost or work.

What are bird baths? These are small stands with a basin or a small moat for holding water so the birds can have a dip or a drink any time they like. They can be built on site by a mason within a day – not too great time or resource consuming. Otherwise you can get it as prefabricated birdbaths – which are shipped home but which may need some assembling before installation.

There are many types of birdbaths – made of concrete or made of stone – there are some of ceramic also available and a number of designs and sizes are available to suit your requirement. Bird baths add great charm and character to your garden. Even if you do not have a big size garden, you can always accommodate a bird bath as it does not take up too much space.

It is a pleasure to see the number of birds that frequent the bird bath once they get used to it. Children just love to see the colorful birds splash in the water and cool themselves on a hot day. You need to keep the water fresh and change it frequently so there is no debris or dust. Keep the bird bath in a secluded area so the birds are not startled by humans or traffic sounds.

Traditionally there will be cherubs, mermaids, or other such figurines holding up the basin where the water gets stored. But there are other patterns like flowers, branches with leaves wherein birds are depicted. Mostly the stone ones and concrete ones are preferred to be put in the garden as they can put up with the 24/7 exposure to elements.

Here are some beautiful looking birdbaths from Tor Stone. Look at the different patterns of figurines that adorn the birdbaths. How innovatively different the hand pattern or the shell pattern birdbath looks? How beautiful is the one with ship and sun dial?

I am sure you would enjoy having one at your home?

Shell like Birdbath

Ornamental Boat in Basin

Music Playing Cherub Birdbath music-playing-cherub-birdbath

Mermaid Carrying a Birdbath

Hand Shaped Birdbath

Cherubs Holding up Birdbath

Branched Out Birdbath

Boy Carrying a Birdbath

Birdbath with a Flute Player

Luxurious Wooden Ceramic Basins From Simpolo Ceramics

ceramic basin

Simpolo is a name well known world wide and it is an Indian company but has established its credentials as one of the best in the business. It has made some amazing innovations and some of them are absolutely out of the world. It has maintained its reliability and market savy respect since very long now. It has its main base at India’s ceramic city – Morbi of Gujarat and the Company does not compromise on the product excellence in any way and sources the raw materials, harnessing the best and the latest technology and attracting the best talents in the field. Their main products are Suite, Basin with Pedestal, Table Top Basin, Las Vegas Basin Series, Wall Hung Basin, Under & Top Counter Basin, Handcrafted Basin, Closet / Pan / Urinal.

Beautiful And Attractive Hand Crafted Wooden Base Ceramic Wash Basin
ceramic basin

Lavish And Attractive Hand Crafted Wooden Base Ceramic Wash Basin
ceramic vessel sinks

Luxurious And Attractive Hand Crafted Wooden Base Ceramic Wash Basin
ceramic wash basin

ceramic vessel sinks

Attractive And Beautiful Hand Crafted Wooden Base Ceramic Wash Basin

Creative And Innovative Hand Crafted Wooden Base Ceramic Wash Basin

ceramic wash basin

Creative And Innovative Hand Crafted Wooden Base Ceramic Wash Basin