Bring Fresh New Look to Your Home with New Furniture

Replacing old and worn out old furniture is essential part of maintenance. No furniture however good is the basic material made from or the high quality upholstery used can last forever. Wear and tear happens and renovating successfully what can be salvaged can only postpone purchase of new furniture as sometimes renovation may be more costly.

Replacing all old furniture may look daunting cost wise and effort wise also, but many a time planning for replacement of all the furniture in one room at least is essential to make the look homogenised and colour co-ordinated. Getting the same upholstery colour or wood finish will be very difficult over various periods of purchase.

If we manage to plan for similar color scheme, and style of the furniture, we can renovate the rooms separately one at a time without having too much trouble to colour coordinate the rooms. With attention to the wall décor colour scheme and furniture style and upholstery details, we can make the same colour scheme run through the entire house.

What are all the items you can add to make the house look like new? Adding an accent chair or an accent recliner to add to the seating arrangement can enhance the ambience of the living room tremendously. A beautiful coffee table or a console table also can add to the general look of the room nicely.

Bed frames of solid wood are most suitable for your bedroom. A good solid and sturdy bedstead will support the mattress very well and give long years of service without any problem. You can have relaxed and restful times that will make you ready to face another challenging day. A firm supporting bed can assure you a back-pain free sleep.

Entertaining is a great favourite activity with people who have a large circle of friends. Beautifully upholstered dining chairs can make the dining room so appealing and inviting impressing your guests and visitors and make the dining experience rich and very happy. Along with beautifully done sideboards and étagère, your dining room furniture may look beautiful.

Here are some beautiful furniture items from Councill. The beautiful dining chairs and table will add grace to any dining room. What a beautiful bed you can have for your bedroom! I am sure you will certainly like those accent chairs or sofa sets. Please check out what suits you and take it home!

Tan and Brown Sofa Set

Four-poster Bed in Solid Wood

Delightful Looking Dining Table

Comfortable Sofa Set for Living Room

Beautifully Upholstered Easy Recliner

Accent Sofa in White with Button Details

Accent Chair in Wicker

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Room Dividers Offer Privacy And Add Beauty to Your Interiors

When there is a temporary need for dividing or separating a room, building a wall may be too much expensive and too permanent a solution. Especially when structural changes are not possible as in rental homes and you need privacy only for temporary use – like when guests are coming etc, use of partitions, dividers or separators offer a handy and easy solution. More than curtains or divider screens, glass or wooden separators are cute, stable and look cozy. Room dividers or separators offer the best solution for ensuring privacy in studio apartments also. If you have a huge drawing or living room, glass or wooden separators can help you separate a study or a work area from the living room. When you want privacy, you can use these separators to create a room within a room – like for dressing or sleeping undisturbed. These partitions, especially with glass screens, do not block light.

Think how convenient and nice it will be to divide one big room so that two teenagers/older children have small but their own space to work and study without disturbance! Also you can conveniently separate dining section from drawing room, dressing area from sleeping area in your bedroom without too much expense. You can plan a different decor and arrange for different lighting to give a distinctly different look entirely for each section! There are a number of dividers available like wood panel dividers, glass panel dividers – both standing and sliding type with aluminium frames, end panels, liners, track-sets etc, curtains and screens and Japanese dividers. Sliding glass dividers are most preferred as they occupy less space, are portable and versatile, and do not block light. In some cases you can make the divider do extra duty as a bookcase or a small vanity-shelf to hold some essentials.

It is believed that room dividers are originally from China – sometime since seventh century, but they have continued to be popular and in demand. Here are some beautiful room dividers/separators from Sliding Door Company. They look so sleek and sophisticated; divide the room so prettily and without blocking light and mostly air movements. Some are sheer glass and some are sand-blasted glass. They look so elegant and beautiful – framed to perfection. Don’t you think glass dividers are great for dividing a room without sacrificing light or space? Get online and check out the options. Talk to your interior decorator or local furniture mart to know what will be your perfect divider which will add to your home decor and ambience!

Sectioned off Bedroom

Pretty Room Separator for Some Private Space

Privacy Assured with Dividers

Dining Section Separated by Glass Sliding Door

Conference Room Divider

A Delightfully Separated Bedroom from Drawing Room

A Sliding Door Divides Work Area from Drawing Room

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Wonderful Looking Display Shelves Add Ambience to Your Living Room

Living room is where most of the family spends major part of waking hours. We watch TV there, listen to music, read books or work on laptops there. Many a time, we do informal entertaining – like for our friends and neighbours – in our living room. It is essential that living room decor has a look that is beautiful and elegant but not too formal or too grandiose. An elegant display shelf can reduce clutter and add to the beauty of the room. With so many activities going on in the living room, it is essential to keep things organized. Books, magazines, knick-knacks, music system, cell phones and telephones – there are really enough things to give a cluttered look to the room if not properly arranged. Shelves are a must to the living room and a sleek and sophisticated looking display/book shelf can be the focal point of the entire living room decor and the central point of attraction also.

It is very important to check for slim look and clean-cut lines when you are looking for display shelves for the living room. Bigger-size shelves can hog precious space and make the room look small and crowded. It is best if shelves are set against the wall or fixed off the ground so that there is enough space around the sofas and chairs for easy and free walkways around the room. A display shelf can double as a bookcase or as CD rack as well. Today there are a variety of book and display shelves available in the market. Floating shelves, wall-mounted, innovative and unique designs – you are spoilt for choice for patterns and materials. Here are some beautiful looking shelves from Alivar. Look at the classic lines and clean spare look of the shelves. They look so simple and graceful yet stunningly beautiful and add to the ambience and elegance of the room greatly.

Book shelves or display shelves are a wonderful and welcome addition to your living room furniture. They help you to cut out the clutter, organize things neatly and display items elegantly. How about talking to your decorator to get a beautiful display shelf for yourself?

Clean-Cut Designed Shelf Gives a Spacious Look

A Twist & Turn Type Shelf Enhances the Decor

A Stunning Looking Shelf in Pristine White

A Pretty Pair Adorning Opposite Walls

An Innovatively Designed Shelf Adds to Distinctive Look

An Elegant Looking Wall Unit in Black

An Attractive Black & White Unit

A Great Looking Addition to Living Room

A Breathtakingly Beautiful Book Shelf

Gorgeous Drapery And Cushions – Most Needed for Home Most Beautiful

A home is so incomplete without drapery & cushions added to our furniture. Draperies and cushions add such character to the entire decor of the whole house. They add warmth to the room, bring comfort, and create ambience. They set the tone, make a style statement and reflect your personality as nothing else will do. The creative magic of subtle colors, texture and pattern can transform an ordinary room into dramatic luxurious abode of dream.

How to select fabric for draperies and cushions? There are multipurpose fabrics/textiles that can be used for draperies, canopies, pelmet covering, cushions, decorative throws and personal throws. Chenille, cotton and linen, velvet and silk are some natural materials available and today there are a host of synthetic as well synthetics blended with natural fibre. Whatever be your choice, be sure to go for good quality stuff.
There are some fabrics used only for draperies. There are sheer, translucent fabrics which have a sheen and soft look. These are used as decorative curtains adding colour and drama to the decor. Often lining is needed for most of the fabrics when used as drapes. But there are fabrics – called coated fabrics – which have a backing which can be used for draperies without a lining. Special coatings are done for blocking out light and heat.

Sofas look bare and empty without cushions to give a complete look. Cushions not only add a touch of colour and class to your furniture and decor, but also act as supports when we sit down. Especially, bolsters can be very good to our lower backs. Unique-shaped cushions may look good, but the standard type square-shape cushions offer the best support. Classy and colourful cushions look beautiful and elegant creating a luxurious ambience.Throws and cushions can be made with normal drapery fabrics. The fabrics can be plain, printed, or decorative. The pattern in the cushion can be used to bring in matching or contrast fabrics in the draperies and throws to give an interesting combination of colours. Many a time, different textures can be mixed to enhance the layering effect and make a stunning visual display. A sheer window drape can make the jacquard silk upholstery look dramatic.

Here are some beautiful examples of classy and gorgeous textiles from Textile Collection of Bart Halpern. Whether used as sheer/semi-sheer drapes, in bed canopy, in knit-back upholstery, as pillows or cushions, they look visually stunning and surpassingly beautiful. The vivid colors, rich patterns and stylish looks create a magic of their own. Create your own magic in your home today by going for some super draperies and cushion. Talk to your decorator and add these accessories to beautify your furniture and your home today.

The Ripple Fold Sheer Drapery Adds Elegance


An Attractive Combination of Upholstery and Drapery

Great Looking Olive Green Sets off Sheer Drapery

Attractive Bed-Throw & Mix-Match Cushions

A Breathtakingly Beautiful Canopied Bed

Gorgeous Sofas with Matching Pillows

An Elegant Platinum-Color Sofa

A stunningly attractive seating arrangement
a-beautiful-looking- upholstered-sofa-with-sheer-drapery