Making Loft Homes More Comfortable

Lofts are huge and open draughty kind of places. Most lofts are high ceilinged and with windows that are large from floor to ceiling main source of light and ventilation. For the past few decades lofts have been popular with artists and students who did not mind the industrial type of interiors that may not be exactly the way traditional homes are built.

But today lofts are eagerly sought after by people who like the very unique features that characterize a loft – like high ceilings and large open spaces. Architects and designers are cashing on the very shortfalls of loft areas and make them into beautifully open and lit structures that have plenty of ventilation and airy spacious feeling.

A loft can be best converted as an open type design house. Large and spacious living areas contain the seating arrangements, dining areas with table chairs and open type kitchens that make the large areas cozy and homely. Smaller size segregated bedrooms are created – sometimes at a higher mezzanine level and furnished with preferably simple and suitably low hung furniture.

Decorating a loft house may need advice from an interior decorator for bringing in a touch of coziness and warmth. If you are retaining the original loft walls, they can be made to be with distressed look that will add depth to the whole atmosphere. And wooden flooring can be used for creating warmth and elegance to the interiors.

Here you can see images of a loft home that has furniture from B & B Italia. Look at the great looking living room with beautiful looking luxurious sectional in soft purple with ottomans in red, white and mauve making the room pretty. A contemporary style open wall supported shelf unit makes for storage purposes, finished in white and goes well with the light grey walls of the loft. Accent chairs in gray look cozy across the purple sectional.

The dining table is long and simple in design. Accent chairs in plastic in varied colors are used as dining chairs. More such chairs are used to pair with the wooden working table that has a unique triangular top.

The maroon color is repeated in the bedroom for bed frame upholstery. Low platform bed with metal frame with wooden headboard and wooden nightstand make the room comfortable. The bedroom is made cozier with a rug and recliner – a chaise lounge for relaxing with a pedestal lamp nearby completing the ambiance of the loft.

Handsome Chaise Lounge in Cream

Gorgeously Furnished Dining Area

Fashionably Chic Accent Chair in Grey

Elegant Looking Dining Table

Delightful Sectional and Ottomans

Contemporary Style Working Table

Beautiful Purple Metal Bed

Accent Dining Chairs Adding Grace

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Some Accent Chairs You Can Add to Your Home Furniture

Accent chairs are beautiful and add value to your home furniture. Whenever you want to bring fresh color to brighten any room in your room, adding any type of upholstered accent chairs can shift the focus from old staid furniture and alter the look. And it is easier to change the upholstery of one or two pieces to renew their look time to time.

The most convenient thing about accent chairs is it can be fitted anywhere. Find a corner or near the windows and recliners and armchairs will do the trick, they blend well everywhere. Designers create accent chairs so that either they will blend well or stand bold and strike a contrast with their distinct looking upholstery, design and accessories like cushions, small bolsters that can be used with accent chairs.

If you have an old upholstered chair that can do with a makeover, you can do it with some material left over from the draperies you used for the windows in the room. Or you can plan the room make over with new draperies and buy extra drapery materials so that the accent chairs can have slip covers matching with the drapery material to give a lift to the decor.

When you use accessories like cushions, bolsters with the accent chairs, have them to match the window curtains or door drapes. You can have the cushion covers made from the same material as curtains also in a matching of contrast color to the upholstery of the accent chairs. Having covers made to match curtains is easy way to quick change of looks.

Matching footstools or ottomans are also available with accent chairs now days. Small size foot-stools with storage underneath, upholstered in the same material as the accent chairs make a full set for relaxing while you can read your favorite paper or magazine. Good looking, non-fading and spill proof materials are used for easy maintenance.

Any corner can be made cosy with accent chairs to relax with a book. They also have gaming chairs and lounge chairs If it is near a window, it is all the more better. You can have a nice low coffee table nearby with a table lamp or so for providing enough light for reading. Here are some beautiful looking accent chairs from Villa Nova. All look strikingly attractive and beautiful with nice looking upholstery of floral prints or stripes.

How would you like one for your home?

Vibrant Looking Accent Chairs – Drapes

Stripes in Pink Shades

Floral Pattern Matching Curtains Cushions

Floral Prints – Accent Chairs

In Elegant White to Match Sheer Drapes

Checks in Pastel Shade

Beautifully Upholstered with Cushions

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Accent Chairs for both Exterior & Interior Use

Home décor needs constant renovation and change to stay fresh and looking good. Every home owner does not rest after buying furniture that the work is over and no more attention is needed to the house. On the contrary, attentive house owners keep looking for what is new in the interior decoration front and keep checking for new and innovative arrivals.

Adding new furniture to your existing ones is a good way of creating an eclectic décor. New furniture, newer ways of arrangements, differently mixing and matching the existing furniture, changing the color or finish of the furniture are some ways of creating a new look, a fresh effect in the décor. Adding new accessory furniture like new accent chairs is also a good option.

Getting chairs made from the finest of materials is very crucial to overall elegance and sophistication. Any furniture is a long term investment and you need to check for quality of base material as well furniture style and workmanship. Never buy furniture without actually seeing it, touching and checking it thoroughly. Quality should not be compromised as poor quality stuff is more expensive in the long run.

Accent chairs or occasional chairs as they are sometimes called can be made of any material – wood, metal, and plastic. Some are club chairs with swivel bases, some are easy chairs with upholstery, some can be rockers, some can be beanbags, some can be loungers and even some are high level bar stools and dining or visitor chairs.

Most accent chairs are designed in classic lines with a simple silhouette that remains always popular. Right from microfiber to leather including all synthetic and natural fabrics – any popular material is used for upholstery and there are plastic accent chairs which do not have any upholstery. They use loose pillows or cushions for back comfort or detachable seat cushions.

The greatest advantage of these accent chairs is that it can be used either indoors or outdoors with equal felicity. As most of the accent chairs are contemporary in design, you can always blend these with any style of furniture you are having in your home and they will look like they are in harmony and not clashing and give an overall visually pleasing effect.

Here are some beautiful looking accent chairs from Zanotta. Almost all the chairs can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Check out what you will like?

Two Types of Accent Lounge Chairs

Plastic Accent Chair for Use around Home

Modern Stool Seats for Multiple Uses

Innovative Looking Accent Lounger for Exteriors

Home Office Looks Better With Accent Chair

Chair Ottoman Set To Relax Reading a Book

Bean Bags for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Accent Chair for Relaxing Outside

Contemporary Style Sofas – Look Great with Small Homes

Small homes may be best served with contemporary sofas and sofas in minimalist style. Most of our homes have scaled down versions of living rooms that need less clutter and limited amount of furniture. Large size classic looking wooden sofa sets with elaborate work details and big box springs and heavy upholstered seats cannot be accommodated in these small rooms. Contemporary type sofas are the need of the hour. Two-seat love seats, small sofas, sofa and a half kind of chairs, or smaller size sectionals are the kind of furniture you have to check out for small living rooms. Uncluttered looking arrangements with sofas and one or two end tables and wall units where you can keep the media and display items will be perfect amount of furniture.

Most of the times having pastel shaded furniture help in widening out the living space. But getting a sofa or an accent chair in deep shades can bring a focus to the overall decor. It brings our attention to the sofa effortlessly and makes a bold statement of style. You can provide a dramatic accent with a contrast wall back splash for added impact. Providing enough light is another aspect you cannot neglect. A well-lit room looks bigger and more opened out. Place the furniture in such a way that they get highlighted from the natural light sources that you have in the room. Having well-planned wall sconces, concealed lighting, recessed lighting and pedestal lamps can add ambient and focused lighting as much as the room needs it.

Getting correct accessory furniture is another important factor. Unless the sofa comes with a matching colored central table, get clear glass topped coffee tables with preferably pedestal bases for keeping in the center of the living room. They do not look too big and blends well with the contemporary type sofas to give an eclectic look. Also matching area rugs and carpets may make the room look warm and cozy. Decorative accessories can be selectively used and should be kept to a minimum. Have a wall poster or a wall painting behind the sofa or the long arm of the sectional for a dramatic backsplash effect. Table lamps can provide added beauty to the room. Curios and photos are another option that can be added to wall décor. Colorful cushions can be the last finishing touch to complete the décor. Here are some beautiful looking sofas from Frini Furniture.

Subtly Shining Silver Accents and Sofas
Silver Accents and Sofas

Sofa and Cushions Matching Wall Accent
Sofa Furniture

Nattily Designed Accent Chairs and Colorful Sofas
Green Sofas

Lovely Stripes in Rug Setting off White Sofa
Sofa Sets

Gorgeous White Sectional with Contrast Cushions
Sofas And Sofa Chairs

Elegant and Contemporarily Pretty Sofa Set
Living Room Sofa

Black and Stripe Cushions Offset White Sofa
Comfortable Sofas

Beautiful Yellow Colored Sectional
Sofa Design

Attractive Loveseat and Sofa in Elegant Cream
Sofa Furniture

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Attractive Accent Chairs For Home Ambiance

Making the living room attractive is an exciting part of home décor. It can be a bit challenging to our imagination to select the most attractive additions at a most reasonable budget. As living room is a high traffic zone, it needs good solid furniture that will be sturdy and attractive. If you have a small home and a growing family, most of the waking hours will be spent at living room. It can be an all-purpose room – all day to day activities done here only.

Comfortable seating is the most important need of living room décor. Having a three-piece sofa set will be the basic need. But just that will not even be sufficient for your own family needs. We will need additional seating – good and attractive looking additional seating. These can be loveseats, loungers, sectionals and ottomans along with a day bed.

Having an attractive accent chair is a good way to bring a fresh addition to your home and your home furniture style. Whatever is the original style of your living room, bringing in a different style accent chair will make it charmingly eclectic and challengingly different; different in style, different in material, different in upholstery and different in colour and finish.

Think of having a traditional solid wood three piece sofa set with a nice coffee table in your living room. Bring a nice plush-looking accent chair upholstered in shiny silk with an asymmetrical back and this will completely change the focus of the room. Instead of the solid wood traditional sofa set, everybody’s eyes will pop on this accent chair only as soon as they enter the living room. It will be the new focal point of the room and you can actually arrange other furniture around this accent chair for a different look altogether.

You can bring a love seat – a twin sofa, a single club chair, or a straight backed club chair – any kind of chair as an accent chair to add to the living room. If it is a single sofa or a chair, you can have two of them for balance. But if it is a twin seat – like a loveseat or a double seat sofa – a single piece will do.

Here you can view some beautiful accent chairs from Century Furniture. Check out what you like most?

White Love seat with Quilted Back with Button
stupendous accent chairs

Suede Sofa with Rolled Arms
lavish accent chairs

Stunning Looking and Soft to Feel
accent chairs

Rich and Comfy Brocade Chair
accent chairs

Lovely Looking Love seat with Cushions
love seat accent chairs

Elegant Straight Backed Seater
straight back accent chairs

Club Sofa in Soft Peach Tones

Camel Back Sofa in Green Chenille
sofa type accent chairs

Beautifully Hand Crafted Zeus Chair
stylish accent chairs

Accent Chair Zeus Backside View
decorative accent chairs

Accent Chairs in Classic Brocade
accent chairs for home

Colorful And Comfortable Accent Chairs for Home Enhancement

Getting new furniture is a nice and easy way to bring a fresh look into your home. Many a time this step alone can make a marked improvement in the home décor. However good the furniture looks in the shop, once the stuff reaches our home, the wear and tear start and after 3-4 years, the furniture needs a refurbishment or replacement.

With Nice Looking Matching Footstool

Getting an accent chair is a nice addition for your living room. Mostly an accent chair is considered as an additional seat in the living room, but it can be the focus around which the living room décor can be arranged. If you have bigger living room, you can make a separate seating arrangement with just 3-4 accent chairs and matching ottomans and/or a coffee table.

Tastefully Arranged Lounge

Whatever is the style of your home and whatever is the style of the furniture you are having previously in your home, an accent chair can blend nicely and add an eclectic look to the room. If you have a media room or a den/library, an accent chair can be a welcome addition to provide a comfortable seat there when you are reading or watching TV.

Pretty Looking Sofas in Pearl Gray

Even if your accent chairs come with attached and well-upholstered with cushions etc, you can always have extra cushions. With colorful ethnic looking cushion covers, the accent chairs bring a refreshing contrast in the décor. You can find matching area rungs and small coffee tables that will complete the seating arrangement completely

Pretty Looking Casual Chairs

Today accent chairs come in myriad colors and upholstery patterns. Club chairs with comfortable cushions, with wing-back arrangements, simple tubular chairs with handles and reading chairs that can double as extra dining chairs – you have a lot of choices for selecting an accent chair that will become a favorite place for you in the living room.

Grand Looking Lounger for Relaxing

If you are choosing an area rug to contrast starkly the upholstery of the accent chair, try to make the accent chair and sofa upholstery colors not too different or too clashing. The living room sofa upholstery color scheme can match the accent chairs upholstery or can be in a contrast shade. But generally choose a color that will not clash too much with the sofa set or the draperies.

Couple of Sofas and Contrast Three Seater

Here are some images of beautiful looking accent chairs from Vitra. Don’t you think you will like to have them in your home?

Comfy Way to Read and Relax

Colourful Looking Dining Arrangement

Colorful Designer Chair For Stylish Decor

White And Red Charming Chair Design

Colourful Chairs For Living Room Design

Bright Color Chairs For Living Room Design