Simple And Beautiful Balcony Designs

A deck or balcony is a perfect hide away place to enjoy views, chat and gossip with friends or family or to just relax and read a book. A balcony can be transformed into a tranquil and peaceful retreat. Sitting there in a cool breeze with a drink of your choice calms down the tense nerves. The experience is soothing and. relaxing. It quiets your mind and prepares you to face another day with vigor and vitality. During summer months balcony may not look very inviting for a few hours when the harsh direct sunlight fills up your favorite place. There are plenty of varieties available in bamboo shades and natural wood woven shades. They are available in a number of looks ranging from natural look to rustic or sophisticated look. You can use them to keep the direct sunlight away. You can also choose light control feature to manage the light. While not required, you can roll them up and they look like a décor.

Choices of colors either brighten up the space to socialize or soften down to relax and rejuvenate. You can also change the color palette as per the season or occasion. You can use aromatic candles to set the ambiance. Hanging wind chimes adds melody to the space. Adding a stylish grill and fixing a pergola adds to the charm of your balcony. Comfortable chairs, swings, sofa or any sitting arrangement with outdoor rug and a small center table completes the décor of your balcony.

Green plants are a must for any outdoor space. Without a touch of greenery outdoor spaces look bare and incomplete. Lots of lush green plants of different variety make your balcony look like an oasis. You can grow flowers, vines, vegetables, herbs, cactus or any variety of your choice. Light weight plastic pots or window boxes are ideal for balconies. Even terracotta pots look stylish and elegant. They do not rot and easier to move around. Vines can grow around the grills providing natural shade from the sun. Watering the plants can be quite a chore. Large pots can hold more moisture for a longer time. Coating the inner sides of pots with sealants helps retaining moisture for a long time. You can also make a small water body in your balcony where you can grow small variety of water lily. Think about adding a pet bird who can sing. You can make the ambiance perfect with colors, fragrance and music.

Balcony Design with White Cushions


Balcony Design with Round Chairs

Balcony Design with Plants

Balcony Design with Canopy

Balcony Design with Reclining Chair

Balcony Design with Sea View

Balcony Design with a View

Balcony Design with a Canopy

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