Wonderful Looking Display Shelves Add Ambience to Your Living Room

Living room is where most of the family spends major part of waking hours. We watch TV there, listen to music, read books or work on laptops there. Many a time, we do informal entertaining – like for our friends and neighbours – in our living room. It is essential that living room decor has a look that is beautiful and elegant but not too formal or too grandiose. An elegant display shelf can reduce clutter and add to the beauty of the room. With so many activities going on in the living room, it is essential to keep things organized. Books, magazines, knick-knacks, music system, cell phones and telephones – there are really enough things to give a cluttered look to the room if not properly arranged. Shelves are a must to the living room and a sleek and sophisticated looking display/book shelf can be the focal point of the entire living room decor and the central point of attraction also.

It is very important to check for slim look and clean-cut lines when you are looking for display shelves for the living room. Bigger-size shelves can hog precious space and make the room look small and crowded. It is best if shelves are set against the wall or fixed off the ground so that there is enough space around the sofas and chairs for easy and free walkways around the room. A display shelf can double as a bookcase or as CD rack as well. Today there are a variety of book and display shelves available in the market. Floating shelves, wall-mounted, innovative and unique designs – you are spoilt for choice for patterns and materials. Here are some beautiful looking shelves from Alivar. Look at the classic lines and clean spare look of the shelves. They look so simple and graceful yet stunningly beautiful and add to the ambience and elegance of the room greatly.

Book shelves or display shelves are a wonderful and welcome addition to your living room furniture. They help you to cut out the clutter, organize things neatly and display items elegantly. How about talking to your decorator to get a beautiful display shelf for yourself?

Clean-Cut Designed Shelf Gives a Spacious Look

A Twist & Turn Type Shelf Enhances the Decor

A Stunning Looking Shelf in Pristine White

A Pretty Pair Adorning Opposite Walls

An Innovatively Designed Shelf Adds to Distinctive Look

An Elegant Looking Wall Unit in Black

An Attractive Black & White Unit

A Great Looking Addition to Living Room

A Breathtakingly Beautiful Book Shelf

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