Dominant White Living Room Design Ideas

White decor is this season’s favorite. Do away with all the heavy winter paraphernalia and bring a fresh look and style with introducing white touches in your home. This season the latest trend is to go white in accessories, in furnishings, in furniture, and in wall color. It gives a serene and tranquil look to the ambiance and can look really cool if paired with contrast here and there. White decor is certainly not for you if you have small children, pets or a not-so-tidy-partner etc. White decor sounds like constant cleaning, constant washing – like it is something not very practical on a day-to-day basis. But actually you can still incorporate white accents in some aspects of interior decor that are more accommodating and less trouble maintenance wise.

With the number of textures, shades and finishes available in wall colors, check out for low maintenance white paint or at least go for pure white trims to bring in bright white color on the walls. Get sheer white curtains to go with the walls allowing as much sunlight as possible or use sleek white window blinds on the windows to accentuate the white decor. Go for white wicker furniture. An ottoman or sectional in white microfiber may look fabulous in your room. Instead of bringing in heavy furniture, go for floating wall shelves done in white as well matching sideboards and cabinets in white. Opt for a minimalistic look with an airy and spacious look that can bring a touch of chic sophistication to the room.

If you want to add white decor touches on the floor, check out for shag rugs, area rugs or carpets in white. There are lovely looking cotton jersey shag rugs in white which will look great and feel soft underneath. Or you can go for a contrast rug and pillows that will nicely set off the white in your walls and windows as well as the white furniture.

Here are some beautiful looking white ideas from FRATELLI ROSSETTO. Look how beautiful is white wicker chaise lounge. The floating shelves give a spacious look to the decor. Look at the elegance brought by the white rug. How nicely the black rug contrasts with the white?

I am sure you are also quite keen to blend a touch of white into your home décor and enjoy the ambience.

Table Chairs in Classic Looking White

Picture of White Elegance with White Ottoman

Maroon and Black Setting Off Base White

Contrast with Black White Wall Shelf

Beautifully Furnished In White

All White Room with Contrasting Rug

All White Decors with White Wicker

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