Transitional Living Room Interior Design

Living room is a place to spend time with your family, entertain friends, watch TV or simply laze around and relax. A traditional décor gives the living room a formal look. Traditional interior design can be mixed with modern or contemporary trends to make the room more cozy and comfortable. Such living rooms are known as transitional living rooms. They are a brilliant combination of classic décor with a relaxed feeling. Transitional living room design maintains the traditional decorative aspect without making it look rigid or formal.

Contemporary interior design prefers rich texture with neutral colors, curved lines and smooth edges.  A transitional living room still uses classic furnishings with contemporary design concepts. As a result transitional style living room is a superb combination of colors and shapes. They look sophisticated and simple. Transitional furniture has a diverse and wide range of options available. They can be mixed and match with many styles of furniture and interiors.

Below are some pictures of transitional living rooms.

The Transitional Living Room Design in White and Taupe

Here is a white sofa paired with the fawn checked side chairs. Taupe traditional chairs are also used with bright colored rug and beautiful accessories.

The Transitional Living Room Design in Rich Texture

Rich texture of neutral color furnishings give a soothing ambiance to the living room. Sofas are big enough to take a nap. Large fireplace and wooden decorative pieces offer traditional look to the living room.

The Transitional Living Room Design in Traditional Architecture

This living room design is a brilliant combination of traditional architecture with contemporary interior design. Arched living room with mirror and wall lighting is painted in warm neutral color. White sofa with textured surface has soft blue cushions and side chairs have soft geometry design. The living room looks comfortable, elegant and inviting.

The Transitional Living Room Design with Elegance

This living room looks very elegant with striped fabric, solid looking furniture and heavy satin drapes. It is a huge room to accommodate a large gathering of family or friends. Overall look is welcoming.

The Colorful and Pleasant Looking Transitional Living Room Design

This living room looks very colorful and pleasant. Vintage fabric of sofa cushions, hand carved wooden mirror on the wall, coffee table with curled legs, white lacquered screen give this room a unique character.

The Transitional Living Room Design in Red

Here is a very vibrant transitional living room with bright red sofa. It has multiple sitting arrangements. Furniture is curved and beautifully shaped. Wooden window frames, stone wall decorated with hand painted picture on a black fabric, custom made drapes etc make the living room look fabulous.

Transitional interior design may breathe a new life to your living room.

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