Classic Looks & Clean-Cut Lines Mark Today’s Furniture & Create Your Comfort Zone


With more and more people taking to apartments and smaller houses, the rule of the thumb is that furniture should be minimalistic in style, with ability to do double duties. It will be fun to have – like a sofa in daytime converting into bed at night time and almost all furniture with storage facility built-in to reduce clutter and add to the neat elegant look of the room. The emphasis is on finding furniture pieces which can be utilized whatever the size of the bedroom or living room. Small apartments like studio apartments or one bedroom apartments, open plan is preferred with kitchen opening into living room. Modular storage units and multipurpose kitchen islands find favor with people who want to utilize the precious floor space.

Minimalistic in style but great looking furniture are available plenty online and in furniture stores. Even with apartment area of less than 750 square feet, interior designers have brought out beautiful living room pieces and dining tables as well as bedroom furniture. These are designed to optimize the space making the house look roomy and spacious rather than cluttered. Most of the furniture for small places is vibrant looking in deep shades of jewel tones. There are floral patterns and checks also available. Most of them have storage options and sturdily built on metal or wood frames with high-quality batting used to keep the seats in good and durable shape and add to the comfort of the user.

Today the trend is to get a trendy contemporary chair in vibrant shade and blend it with the traditional kind of furniture you have already in your home. Eclectic decor aims for overall harmony more than perfect matching of shades and materials. The main theme of the interior decor is more oriented towards making your home a comfort zone for you. Here are some beautiful and elegant looking furniture from Feiz Design Studio. The sheer simplicity of the convertible bed makes it so attractive. The sofa pops up with a simple manoeuvre. True to their aim of ‘clarity, concept and context’, these sofas and chairs look elegant beautiful and classically simple yet very stylish.

Go online and check out some more options of simple and elegant furniture that can add to the grace and beauty of your apartment without adding to the clutter and see how much pleasure it brings you and how much praise from your friends and acquaintances!

Gorgeous and Classic Recliner

Convertible Bed and Sofa in Daytime

Recliner or Bed as You Want It

Comfortable Bed during Night Time

Comfortable and Classic Lounger
comfortable-and classic-lounger

Beautiful Looking Double Sofa Set

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