How to Turn your Dream Kitchen into a Reality

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home. It is the room where families gather to share meals and events of the day, and an entertainment space away from formal dining-rooms. Kitchens also offer the greatest opportunity to make a statement in your house, and express your personality and style.

Rustic kitchens have always been incredibly popular and have a nostalgic, timeless appeal. They will suit cottages and traditional buildings particularly well, and give a natural, organic feel to any interior.

For lovers of the sleek and sophisticated, contemporary kitchens certainly provide a wow factor. Minimalist stainless steel taps and sinks, streamlined cabinet handle bars, all contribute to a modern look. Available in ultra-glossy finish for a slightly futuristic style or in matt, they will never fail to impress. Despite their edgy lines, those kitchens shouldn’t necessarily be discarded in rustic homes where they will work as well as a strong contrast to a traditional exterior.

The retro style has also made a comeback and if you like original designs with unexpected curves, they will be just right for you. This style can be, however, more delicate to accessorise successfully.

Breakfast bars have become very fashionable over the last few years, and provide an interesting focus to a kitchen’s layout. Bar stools are another opportunity to make your kitchen stand out, with a breathtaking range of designs available on the market from glossy bright colours to classy leathers.

As with any room, your colour scheme will set the tone and bold hues are currently favoured by many high-end designers. For a warmer feel, colours such as apricots, reds and yellows are the trend, but stay away from terracotta which has become a cliché for being overused in the past. For a more modern kitchen, cool colours such as blues, greens and greys are ‘in’.

Appliances and storage can be neglected when designing a kitchen, but the success of decorating tastefully lies in creating a coherent design style and they have as much a role to play.

Grey and black large kitchen appliances are now available from many manufacturers and provide a tasteful alternative to white, unless you decide to go for the built-in solution and make them totally invisible.

Most kitchen cabinet lines now come with a range of modular inner compartments which you can pick and choose to suit your needs and tidy away everything, from drawer dividers to sliding trays, and built-in shelves can store your cooking books and spices.

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