Prep Tables – Extra Counter Space And Storage For Your Kitchen


When you are a working woman with children, morning hours can be hectic with time crunch to complete all the cooking, get ready, get the kids ready, pack the lunch, serve the breakfast etc. However big the kitchen countertops are, there will be always space crunch to accommodate diverse things. An extra table – a prep table – can help a lot to minimize the chaos.

Most of us are today living in small apartments, studio apartments or at best small houses. No longer can we enjoy the luxury of a huge kitchen with a lot of countertop space and huge dining tables where we can keep all things without bother. Today we have small kitchens and we are in too much hurry to bother with the up and down fetching things to and fro the dining room.

A prep table can help you in organizing things more. Prep table is where you can cut vegetables, knead the dough, prepare the joints, clean the fish etc. Many a time when at breakfast time, if the breakfast corner is cluttered with sundry things which frustrate an already time-pressed homemaker, you can use the prep table for eating!

Prep tables are available in many designs and patterns – with or without drawers, a pull-out tray for dressing the meat etc, a vegetable cutting tray, and some amount of storage space. There are some tables with just open shelves underneath for keeping vessels etc. But there are others with drawers and organizers to keep knife, spoons etc for quick reach.

Prep tables with storage have built-in cupboards, open display shelves and some even have additionally drawers, pull out cutting tray with the countertop hanging out a little to accommodate a couple of chairs to use it as an eating place along with a couple of chairs. Some are used to store the wine bottles and other paraphernalia in the drawers.

Most of the prep tables are made of wood with some having optional glass or stone slab fixed to the top. Some are freestanding and stationary whereas some of them are with castor wheels easy for moving out to the dining room or just anywhere. Size-wise, they are smaller than dining table and about the size of a console table or a writing table.

Enjoy these prep tables from Pompy Furniture!

Stone Topped Prep Table with Drawers

Portable Small Table with Drawers

Kitchen Table with Granite Top and Chair

Kitchen Table with Display Shelf

Kitchen Prep Table and Storage Shelf

Kitchen Prep Table with Cutting Board

Kitchen Table with Organizers

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