Luxurious Home Set amidst Greenery

Bringing a touch of greenery into our home can be good décor touch. Some of us have huge outdoor areas to create a garden and landscaped outdoor area. But when houses are small, and outdoors are restricted to patios and balconies, plants and shrubs can be cultivated in pots and planters. Another option is vertical garden where you can grow your garden on a vertical wall.

Outdoor décor is as important as indoor décor. When you have extensive outdoor area, it is best to plan for landscaping the outdoor area suitably to enhance the value of the property. Curb value gets increased when you have a sweeping drive-in that looks stunning and spectacular from the roadside with neatly laid out paths and well planned greenery.

Many of us love to have a pool outside our home where we can enjoy the weather during balmy days and enjoy sunning ourselves on comfortable loungers! Pool, pergola, lawn and shrubbery, flowering plants, bushes and perennials, outdoor kitchen and glass house plants – all can be part of the outdoor area which can go to make the house luxurious and opulent.

With such stunning looking exteriors, the interiors must have windows strategically placed to enjoy the beautiful vista that is present outside. The living room and dining areas may overlook the pool and enjoy the sight of sparking clean water on a hot day. Actually you can plan to have a patio outside the dining area where you can set up an outdoor kitchen to enjoy cooking and eating outside during sunny days.

Sometimes if the pool is to the side of the home, the front facing windows of living room can look on the rolling lawn and a fruit orchard in the distance. A well planned house always consists of outdoor and indoor décor coordinated in a harmonious way so that when seen through the windows from all the rooms or from terrace, balconies etc, beautiful scenarios and vistas of the garden should be visible.

Here you can see images of a beautiful house in countryside Quebec created by Gestion René Desjardins. This home has extensive outdoor areas and looks like a jewel set midst all the verdant greenery. Every room looks on beautiful scenery via huge flooring to ceiling size windows. The windows lets in lots of light as well provide enough ventilation. Don’t you think you will like to live amongst such beautiful and verdant greenery?

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