Lovely Looking Loft Flats – Beautifully Made Over

Lofts can be converted into great looking apartments and homes or extra room for existing flats. Today more people are discovering the advantages of living in a loft home. Architects and home decorators are keen to make the lofts something outstandingly unique and beautiful. There are very forward thinking architects who design ideas and décor themes just for lofts only.

Most lofts with height more than 230 cm from flooring to ceiling can be converted into a loft home. There may be areas where the height may be less like in the corner areas where a sloped roof may not be as tall. But with clever planning and as per regulations laid down by authorities, structural alterations and adaptations will make a loft a most beautiful and convenient place to live.

Getting extra plumbing and power connections is crucial in order to make the loft most comfortable. Waste disposal needs careful planning. You need to check whether the old boiler will serve for the extra demand as efficiently as before. Generally planning ahead and consulting an architect and builder with experience in loft conversion will be of great assistance.

Planning extra windows can be a challenging option for loft converted areas. Roof lights and skylights are options that need to be checked. Laid flat in the roof there are innovative models which come with remote control for opening and closing etc. Lofts also demand good planning for thermal insulation issues and adherence to all safety regulations as demanded.

Here you can see images of twin Lofts by Federico Delrosso Architects. A factory building has been converted into two apartments that look as luxurious and comfortable as any other apartments. Beautiful looking bedrooms look top-class with windows on both sides and a floating type staircase leads from the bedroom into a media and lounge very comfortably furnished.

The bedroom is furnished with round low platform bed and sheer drapes and looks very elegant and stylishly furnished. Media room is most comfortable with white leather sectional and a wall supported media console to support smart screen TV and other media related paraphernalia compactly.

The kitchens are beautifully done; steel and glass in one apartment and in complete wood and white in the other apartment. Bistro high dining counters with sleek stools are used as dining room furniture. And the bathroom is equally beautiful and looks glamorously chic! Though differently furnished, each apartment looks sleek and classically minimalist and highly comfortable!

Steel Stools and Bistro High Dining Table

Steel and Glass Finish Kitchen

Sleek Looking Bathtub

Kitchen Area with Open Type Plan

Gorgeous Living Area Furnishing

Floating Type Stair to Loft

Bedroom with Staircase

Attractively Furnished Media Center

Aerial View of Bedroom

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