Feng Shui Products for Adding Beauty And Good Luck

Both natural and built areas respond to good Feng Shui and bring a positive change in your life. Harmony and beauty result with balance of water and wind and make you feel most comfortable in the most possible natural way possible. The aim and goal of good Feng Shui is to remove whatever is negative and is not in good or useful condition.

Removing the negative influence from the home alone can bring a huge difference to the ambience of the home. A home with good Feng Shui will be airy, clean and well lit and clutter free. No broken down appliances and useless stuff lying around. All rooms spick and span well furnished and well maintained will be the start of good home Feng Shui.

Other positive changes can be effected by pastel soothing wall colours on the walls. Positioning your bed correctly is also most important. Keeping the doors and windows open to have free flow of air, removing litter and trash on a regular basis, keeping things more organized and clutter free, arranging for sufficient amount of lights in all rooms – these are basic steps that make for good Feng Shui.

There are quite a few Feng Shui cures for bringing a positive energy flow in your home. For harmonious conjugal relationships and positive energy gains in your work and personal relationships, a water feature like a water fountain is recommended. Flowing water balances the positive and negative characteristics of the atmosphere.

How water fountains bring a positive environment in your home? One form of the all pervasive energy called Chi is created by the flow of water. Flowing water can be used to slow down too much active chi or to activate sluggish Chi. A table top water fountain is a sure way of bringing in the right amount of Chi which will promote health wealth and happiness in your life.

Here are some images of some beautiful table top water fountains from

Serenity Health Inc you can use to bring Feng Shui in your home. For bringing wealth and luck, you can keep a water fountain in southeast direction; for conjugal happiness in south west. For good health and a happy and congenial family life, a water fountain in east is best whereas one in northeast is good for education purposes.

With good Feng Shui tips in practice, your health, environment and your luck change for the better.

Water Fountain with Pitcher Pouring

Two Tier Jade Green Slate Fountain

Swan Shaped Fountain with Led Lamp

Rustic Looking Fountain with Log Holder

Mayan Type Square Water Fountain

Brown Earthenware and Brass Fountain

Antique Looking Copper Bowl and Water Pipe

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