Charming and Pretty Cottage Style Furniture

During earlier days, there were no architects to design a home in country side. Simple cottage style house structures were erected by the craftsmen with plain walls and slanting roofs with support beams. Doors would be flat panel boards. Bead board wall panels were used to cover plain walls. Windows were designed with shutter and panel system. Simple cabinets or open shelves were used for storage or showcase purpose. Furniture, cabinets, wall panels and support beams were painted white to make the home look bright and cheerful. Element of simplicity is retained in today’s cottage style home design also.

Just like cottage home design, cottage style furniture is also utilitarian, simple in design, made from natural materials and comfortable. It looks rustic and romantic with cozy feel. It can be a new piece of furniture or a vintage one. Even second hand pieces or objects picked up from flea market and garage sale make great addition to your cottage style furniture. Cottage style furniture is made of white pine, birch, oak or poplar wood with worn off edges and distresses look. There is very little or no carving or ornamentation. They are painted or refinished with white paint. Rustic looking hardware and adornments such as glass knobs, crystal knobs, metal pulls are used with the furniture. Shutter and panel style design looks classic for a cottage style furniture.

Another characteristic of cottage style furniture is that they are multifunctional. Outdoor furniture such as wicker chairs or sofa can be brought inside the house. In fact a wicker rocking chair is a great addition to bedroom furniture. An old cabinet can serve dual purpose of storage and as an entertainment center to place a television set. Old cabinets in kitchen can be used as storage and as kitchen counter. In dining room old cabinets can be used as side tables. An old trunk looks perfectly good as center table. A vintage table paired with a stylish chair can be used as writing desk. An armoire has multi purpose depending on its placement in different rooms. In bedroom it can be used to store jewelry, clothes etc. In living room it can be used to place television. In study it can be used as a bookcase. Similarly side tables are used for storage or to display decorative accessories. Farmhouse bench makes a comfortable coffee table. Cottage style furniture with distinctive features looks charming anywhere and everywhere.

Room designs by Dorig Designs

Cottage Style Furniture Window Seat
cottage-style furniture-window-seat
Cottage Style Furniture Outdoors
cottage-style furniture-outdoors
Cottage Style Furniture Open Shelves
cottage-style furniture-open-shelves
Cottage Style Furniture Kids Room
cottage-style furniture-kids-room
Cottage Style Furniture Dining Table
cottage-style furniture-dining-table
Cottage Style Furniture Chair Table
cottage-style furniture-chair-table
Cottage Style Furniture Cabinets Window Shutters
cottage-style furniture-cabinets-window-shutters
Cottage Style Furniture Bedroom
cottage-style furniture-bedroom
Cottage Style Furniture Bathroom
cottage-style furniture-bathroom

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