Elegant Illuminated Cabinets for Home Designs

When homes get smaller, bigger and better storage options need to be explored. When the houses are large and room sizes bigger, storage was not a great problem. There were many area specifically targeted at storage needs and so the living areas and sleeping areas were not looking cluttered and congested. Now that homes and room sizes are becoming smaller, new and innovative methods of storage solutions are needed.

Many times we are keen to buy new stuff for our homes, new useful items that may help us in meal preparation etc. but we hesitate and think twice because there is not much space left in the kitchen shelves or in the living room shelf. Making the best use of space available can free up some space which can be used for storage. And we can buy new storage furniture.

Transparent Lit Doors And Shelves
Transparent Lit Doors

But before going in for new storage furniture, first declutter your present home scrupulously. Check every area of the room. Start from the kitchen and work your way until the patio and entrance hallway. Check every shelf, closet and wardrobe for things that you are not using any more and just occupying precious space. Start collecting these and ship it out to recycling plant.

Shelves With Built In Light
Shelves With Light

Here you can see some images of innovative looking storage shelves from Interluebke. They are internationally famous furniture manufacturers especially for smart looking and space saving storage cabinets and wardrobes for your bedroom and other storage needs. They create exciting new and innovative storage solutions and add interesting elements to already existing cabinets.

Pretty Illuminated Cabinet And Doors
Pretty Illuminated Cabinet

The shelves shown here look distinct and different from commonly found cabinets. These are illuminated storage cabinets. The doors are transparent and the light from illuminated inside can be seen through the transparent doors. If you keep stuff inside the shelves, the light may get hidden and not be seen.

Modern Storage Shelf And Lit Doors
Modern Storage Shelf

There are color options available about the light color. You can pick and choose what color looks best to match the room décor and wall décor of where the cabinet is kept. The storage cabinet glows in the dark and looks very pretty.

Illuminated Cabinet In Teal
Illuminated Cabinet In Teal

There are options for selecting cabinets with single color of light or with changeable light option – meaning you can change the color for every hour or every day or keep a continuous changing option. Here you can see pretty looking pink, vibrant red, cool green and lovely teal as color options. Warm daylight yellow tones and cool daylight whites are also available.

Green Illuminated Cabinets
Green Illuminated Cabinets

Beautiful Illuminated Red Cabinets
Beautiful Illuminated Red Cabinets

Attractive Pink Illuminated Cabinets
Pink Illuminated Cabinets

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