Beautiful And Creative Flower Vases

Beautiful and ornate accessories placed at an appropriate spot give a wonderful visual effect to a room. Accessories need not be expensive. Beautifully designed low cost accessories can breathe a new life in a room. Accessories like lamps, mirrors, art and wall hangings, vases can change the atmosphere of a room. For centuries vases have been used as decorative pieces. They are available in a number of shapes, sizes and colors. Skillfully crafted table vases or floor vases enrich your interiors. Stylish vases without flowers can be used as center pieces. Modern or antique vases made of ceramic, glass, wood or porcelain can be used as an exquisite accent. If a room is designed in bold colors, a sleek and elegant white vase can tone down the atmosphere. For a home office major distraction is not required. A simple white vase would add style to the home office. In subdue interiors, a vase in bright and contrast color create a focal point. A row of vases of the same size give an illusion of a bigger space, whereas a row of vases of different heights give an illusion of taller space.

Vases with flowers add color, freshness and scent in a room. You can use traditional vases for flowers or you can use household vessels with interesting shape or color as a budget friendly accessory. Flowers put in two cocktail glasses side by side of the same shape but different height can be a beautiful visual. Small bottles filled with flowers placed in an old tool box can be used for an indoor garden look. Every flower arrangement should be appropriate to space and occasion. Before choosing a container or flowers, consider the space where you are going to display flower arrangement. Think about the response you want to invoke. For a large spacious room, choose an ample vase or a container which can hold abundant, lush and blooming flowers. Place the vase at a point where it can be seen from various angles.

A low height vase is suitable for a dining table, coffee table or office meeting room, so that it does not obstruct the view of the people sitting across the table. Make sure flower arrangement is simple enough not to distract people. Flowers should complement the container. A long slim container, filled with potted herbs, suits well for a windowsill. For mantelpiece, desk or shelf, you can choose same vase with bulbs. Bulbs and herbs will grow well if there is ample natural light. A tall and sleek vase is a must for a high ceiling room. A few flowers with long stems would create a striking, minimalist effect. This arrangement would look strikingly good for an entrance hall also. Orchids and bamboo are eternally appealing and spiritual in nature. Such stylish arrangement can highlight your timeless antiques or exotic looking curios.

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