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Stylish and decorative light fixtures can give an ambiance to a room. Aesthetically designed light fixtures function as decorative accessories apart from lighting dark corners. They are as good as a valuable piece of art. They come in a number of variety and style. The choice of light fixtures depends on the purpose of lighting and space. While choosing light fixtures, always keep in mind that they highlight certain elements in a room. Considering all these points, decide if a floor lamp, table lamp or lampshade would be an appropriate choice.

Decorative light fixtures have many categories such as pendants, chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, accent lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, lamps with swing arms, outdoor lamps, piano lamps, Tiffany lamps etc. While fixing them, make sure that light does not come directly into your eyes. Use proper shades to maintain brightness and color.

Each and every room serves a specific purpose. Certain activities are carried out in that room. Choice and placement of the lamps depend on these activities. If there is a living cum dining room, you may use different lamps for dining area and living area. A chandelier with opaque shades above the dining table would provide right amount of light for a relaxed meal. A reading chair in the same space would need a reading lamp that directs the light on a book.

Recessed lighting is a popular choice for a living room. They are easy to fix and give a subtle style to the room. Recessed lighting makes the room look brighter and bigger. They can also be used to highlight book shelves, fireplace or art work or subtly disguise air conditioning units. You can place them above a sofa or a coffee table. They are ideal to fix at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets to illuminate the kitchen counter.

Sconce lighting adds style and beauty to a room. Sconces are available in metal, glass or ceramic. They create artistic light and shadow patterns and reflections on the wall. They can be used as an accent to the interiors of a room.

Track lighting can be used to highlight architectural element in a room, for example fireplace mantle. A stylish reading lamp next to a comfy chair, sofa or a desk looks quite decorative. Beautiful candle stands are all time favorite decorative pieces. Scented candles are great to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. These days specially designed light bulbs simulate the effect of a candle. Decorative lamps add to ambiance and aesthetics of indoors as well as outdoors.

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