Wonder Acrylic Brings Style And Elegance to Your Home


Glass has a look of class and sophistication that is unmatched. Furnishing a home with accents on glass furniture can make the home look spacious and chic. But glass brings its own minuses like cracks and breaking on impact etc. It is certainly not for homes with children and pets with high incidence of accidents but instead you can have acrylic! What is exactly acrylic? How is it made? Artificial fibers of compounds of vinyl form the basis of acrylic. These thermoplastic fiber properties make the special properties of acrylic – like very less moisture content and density. Except for the fact that if exposed to fire it may melt and burn, this is one of the most durable material and lightest as well.

Two common methods of manufacturing acrylic are by cell casting and extrusion with cell-cast acrylic as the better of the two. While looking like glass with stunning clarity, acrylic is stronger than glass. It does not shatter with impact and insulates much better glass or wood. Only weighing 50% of glass weight, it is easier to work with and it is easily portable. While superseding glass in strength, acrylic is the most transparent at 93%. A glass of equal strength will have a greenish tint whereas acrylic looks just clear and stunningly transparent. Because of the its unique property to be shaped any way you like, acrylic is the popular choice for many of the household articles, industrial items. More innovative ways to use it are being discovered daily.

The best thing about acrylic is that it does not show any joints or seams – as they are called – in whatever structures acrylic is shaped. With the help of welding done chemically at molecular level seams become just invisible. This helps greatly in making aesthetically beautiful shapes – right from furniture, accessories, household articles and various other items. Here are some beautiful items made of acrylic from ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG. The end tables, coffee tables, side tables and the dining table all look so sheer, transparent and beautiful. The console tables in pale green look just great. Just look at those beautiful vases, jewelry boxes and flower boxes. These masterpieces will adorn any home beautifully and elegantly!

Don’t you think these acrylic furniture and household items look great? An acrylic aquarium can make your living room focal point and make you happy. Do check out, and you will surely love these acrylic items.

Stunning Looking Dining Table

Pretty Pair of Side Tables in Acrylic

Pretty and Functional Looking Boxes

Elegant Looking Acrylic Desk in Gray
elegant-looking-acrylic-desk- in-gray

Cute Looking Flower Boxes

Classy Looking Console Tables in Green

Beautiful Acrylic Transparent Desk

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