Elegant Environment Friendly House Surrounded By Trees And Greenery

This beautiful and environment friendly house surrounded by Solid Oak and Elm trees is surely neighbors’ envy and owner’s pride. It is located at in the heart Dallas, Texas. The house design of this structure is a collaborative effort between Cunningham Architects and the award winner and landscape designers Hocker Design Group, both situated at Dallas, Texas. They have extensive experience in designing landscapes for urban and agricultural needs.

Because of climate changes, eco friendly home designs are in great demand. Eco friendly homes are also known as sustainable landscapes. Such homes are built to protect the greenery and conserve natural resources. Eco friendly home designs use materials like solar panels, wind turbines, rocks, trees and plants. Techniques like water conservation, glazing, insulation, recycling are utilized to fight extreme climate conditions.

The outside three sides of this eco friendly house are having some kind of rain screen system made up of sandalwood that gives beautiful silver shiny sheen. The entire South facade is covered by huge size sliding glass doors. This gives an ample view of lush garden and an infinity edge swimming pool. A porch in front is covered and is an ideal place to recline in front of the swimming pool. The glass tiled swimming pool surrounded by garden walls is a great relief from harsh and sunny Texas weather.

The interiors of this two story house are designed in such a way that there is large space to display a large collection of art and automobiles. The upper level makes up for the guest room and art studio. Beautiful art work showcased in upper level balconies makes the space beautifully pleasing. The house is set at the far rear end of the lot. Large amount of planting in the garden makes the house invisible from the street. The garden is paved by the big stone slabs leading from the street to the house. A fire pit is also incorporated in the garden. It is surrounded by the organic pathways. Exteriors and interiors of the garden house blend well with each other. It is a boon to have such an environment friendly garden house in Texas.

Elegant Stylish Environment Friendly House – Pool Side Sun Deck

Elegant Stylish Environment Friendly House – Open Format Kitchen Furniture

Elegant Stylish Environment Friendly House – Large Glass Windows

Elegant Stylish Environment Friendly House – Garden Pathway

Elegant Stylish Environment Friendly House – Luxury Home

Elegant Stylish Environment Friendly House – Wooden House Interiors

Elegant Stylish Environment Friendly House – Automobile Garage Cars

Luxurious Beach House Holiday And Honemoon Resorts With Asian Touch

Casa de Campo Honeymoon Resort lies 70 miles east of the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This resort lavish area offers awesome and amazing views, exquisite dining facilities, best of its class sports facilities, white sand beaches and all year round sunshine that creates the most beautiful ambiance for your Caribbean Honeymoon vacation. This resort is also known for its variety of outdoor fun and adventurous activities: Situated in Casse De Campo is the famous holiday resort which offers lavish and comfortable villas for the feel of a comfortable home away from home. The style and interior designs and furniture provided a complete Asian look and feel. The Asian wall paintings all over the place and the Asian form designs of the furniture all of it creates an aesthetic Asian feel right here in Santo Domingo. The amenities they provide are sure going to pamper you and your family to the utmost. Jacuzzi, Rock climbing, Gazebos, Swimming Pools, Sports and Recreation area, ocean views and many more make this holiday honeymoon resort and its villas worth the price. Find below some glimpses of the villas interior designs and exterior designs.

Cliff Side Villas With Private Asian Style Lavish Resort

Luxurious Holiday Villas And Beach Side Honeymoon Resort

Luxurious Holiday Villas And Beach Side Honeymoon Resort

Luxurious Holiday Villas And Beach Side Honeymoon Resort

Luxurious Holiday Villas And Beach Side Honeymoon Resort

Luxurious Honeymoon Resort At Miami South Beach – Setai Resort

Miami’s Beach would be one of the most beautiful beach to be with your newly wedded wife. This South Beach district is thronged with lavish and luxurious hotels which are lavish to live in but not that heavy on pockets. The entire area is packed with very happening posh lavish nightspots which attract a lot of glamorous and rich people. The regions establishments gives a pleasing mix of fashionable types and some generously contribute to its tropical character. The clean sparkling water on these beaches have a long list of water sports to offer to completely forget all stress and freak out.

Amongst all this happening places there is a very popular Resort which is a perfect heaven of honeymoon couples. The special honeymoon suite along with special honeymoon packages would drive you crazy and its very affordable too. Apart from these honeymoon suite there are many honeymoon packages too with special honeymoon room and services like free candle light dinners, Cake and Champagne on arrival and city tour. The Setai Resort also called by many the Honeymoon Resort offers its hotel guests the finest in luxury accommodations as a part of Leading Hotels around the world. The Setia is a 5-star honeymoon Resort with a lot of luxury to pamper you. The roots of this resort go back to the late 1930’s when it was the famous Dempsey Vanderbilt Hotel. After a astonishing $200 million renovation, the owner’s influence imparts a decidedly Asian feel now, and the 40-story glass-enclosed building is a spectacle. The most beautiful Honeymoon Room is the the rooftop penthouse which features its own pool with Jacuzzi and a top-notch view of the city’s amazing skyline.

Lavish And Luxurious Honeymoon Resort And Honeymoon Villas

Lavish And Luxurious Honeymoon Resort And Honeymoon Villas

Lavish And Luxurious Honeymoon Resort And Honeymoon Villas

Lavish And Luxurious Honeymoon Resort And Honeymoon Villas

Lavish And Luxurious Honeymoon Resort And Honeymoon Villas

Lavish And Luxurious Honeymoon Resort And Honeymoon Villas

Lavish And Luxurious Honeymoon Resort And Honeymoon Villas

Mortgage Flexibility

If there’s one thing that the last few years should have taught us all it’s the benefit of having flexibility built into your financial products, because there’s no way of telling what unfortunate event could be coming down the line towards us.

Thankfully, when it comes to home mortgages many standard deals now have added flexibility built into them, and you can go to a high street bank like Santander to get these deals instead of having to rely on expensive niche providers. However, in many situations you will have to pay a little more for having additional flexibility, so the key is working out exactly what you need.

Early Repayments

The most common flexible feature is the possibility of making early repayments. Some mortgage providers will charge you for trying to pay back your mortgage quicker (on the basis that it saves you interest over the entire term of the mortgage), others will allow you to pay back £250 a month, others 10% of the value of the mortgage a year.

Ultimately, you have to decide what is realistic. As you have to pay a higher rate the more flexibility you have, it may well be worth erring on the side of caution and should your financial circumstances drastically improve you can always remortgage, or put that money to one side and pay off your mortgage as fast as you can.

Another option that is occasionally available is to talk to your lender and put repayments in a separate pot. This way it is considered to have been “paid off” early, but remains available if you need to take it back, or if you have to miss a payment (though there may be penalties).

A final option is to look at one of the hybrid deals, which puts your mortgage and your savings (for example) together, this way you can essentially pay off your mortgage more quickly if the opportunity arises, but get penalised less for doing so (though the rates are higher).

Short Breaks

Sometimes you may need to miss a monthly repayment, and you wouldn’t think that this would be a problem bearing in mind you will make 300 monthly repayments over the course of a mortgage. Usually your lender will let you get away with one or two, but you could get penalised in the form of accrued interest. If you have decent savings, you should never have to miss a repayment, and that way avoid the problem altogether, but if not, it might be worth trying to get a deal with a lender who won’t penalise you too harshly should you happen to miss a repayment.

Mortgages are the most important financial product you will ever get, so whilst there is a lot of free information around, you should never be afraid to consult some independent financial advice, a good advisor may well find you a deal (or offer some guidance) that will save you much more money over the life of your mortgage than you would pay for a consultation.

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