The Importance of Having Good Office Furniture

It’s a common rule in business that those employees who are happy are far more productive than unhappy or unmotivated employees. It might be somewhat surprising to find out, but for many employees, it’s really the small efforts that count towards making a big difference. One of those areas in which an employer can really pay attention to employee needs and desires is office furniture. Look no further than around desk spaces to find places where employees can work in a much more comfortable environment.

Changing the standard furniture can be easy, and it is certainly worth the cost to ensure that each of your employees at the very least can work from a comfortable and ergonomically correct chair. Some employers even take it a step further and offer some of the more in vogue office supplies. These include standing desks, as just one example. Many people might prefer to have a standing desk rather than sitting in a chair while they work. An employer who is conscious of preferences like these and work to provide employees with these special requests will certainly reap the rewards in employee production and happiness.

Another benefit of having good office furniture is that it can really provide an office with a great overall look. Offices that have complete sets of quality furniture can certainly make a good impression on visiting clients. No business owner would want to host an important meeting with potential clients in a space that was very uncomfortable; it just would not make a great first impression to be sure. So, the next time the conversation of office furniture comes up in a business environment, be sure to certainly take any suggestions from employees seriously. Having quality office furniture can make an impact on the bottom line in more ways than you might imagine.

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Elegant Looking Reception Desks for Office Foyer Area


Reception desks are the first items that hit the eyes of any guests or visitors coming to your office. The first impression – if it is favourable then, the customer or visitor s already predisposed to conduct the business transactions with you. So we cannot over emphasize the importance of getting a neat looking reception desk in the foyer area of your office.

Suppose you are running a home business, the reception area is the first place any customer or visitor comes to for gathering information, brochure etc or where he comes to make an assessment possibly before making a commitment or making the first consultation. A professional looking reception area is of paramount importance for enhancing your business.

Today there are multiple choices for picking up the exact reception desk for your office. Some offices have large foyer areas with waiting chairs, and other furniture around. Then you can have a large-size reception desk. If you are having just a small room – the front portion divided and used as reception area, then obviously you can do with a smaller compact one.

Actually a larger desk may not be all that good an idea especially if your business deals with individual customers directly. A low welcoming kind of a desk will look less intimidating and more interactive and make the atmosphere homely, warm and still professionally crisp. No wonder reception area is equated to the face of the firm.

Reception desks come with enough storage space for you to hold the relevant documents and other items. Suppose you are having a dispensary or a home medical consultation, you may need a large area for holding all the records etc which may be needed at the time of consultation. Storage is always an added advantage whatever the size of the reception desk.

Storage can help you keep the reception area clutter free and organized making the desk more attractive. You will know where to reach for brochure or information in a jiffy when any customer asks for it. And the customer will get the feeling that you will attend to his business in as orderly manner as you keep your front reception area.

Here are some beautiful reception desks for you to choose from Beyond The Office Door. Lovely looking corner reception desks, L-shaped desks and U-shaped desks – all look classically styled, professionally finished in ever-popular colour schemes and finishes. See which of the desk will go well with your home office décor?

Simple and Elegant Reception Area

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Semi Circular Reception Desk

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Reception Desk with Drawers Both Sides

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Reception Area Desk in Solid Wood

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Inside View of Semi Circular Desk

Front View of Reception Desk in White

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Beautiful Looking Desk in Golden Cherry

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Handsome Looking Wooden Home Office Tables

We find a variety of uses for the tables we have in our home. Dining tables are used for eating and many a time children’s home work. Our net surfing, checking mails and writing letters – all are done on writing table or other tables. Craft tables are special tables where we hand-sew or work on our hobbies like jewel making, embroidery, doll making and any other hobby.

Many of us work from home. Some of us manage small businesses selling products or services. Some of us write, draw, design, teach and do innumerable other professional services. We have our offices right within our home – from where we attend to all our jobs. It is essential that we have a separate and well-defined area as our home office.

What are the advantages of a separate home office? Can we not work from anywhere in the home? A dining table or a multipurpose table can be used for office work; but many a time having a separate space specifically as home office and having specific furniture as our home office furniture can be a good idea that will promote and forward our work greatly.

With a separate work area, we will feel more professional and focused when we are doing our job from home. When clients and visitors come to conduct business with us, a professional looking office premises can predispose them in our favor and create a very good impression about our capability and skills!

What kind of tables can you use for your home office purposes? There are a number of choices available. From hardwood solid tables, to plastic polycarbonate tables you have a variety of tables to choose from. Hardwood tables, engineered wood tables, metal tables, glass tables and plastic tables, cane tables and bamboo/other grass products – there are vast ranges!

Wood tables can be the most favored choice – especially if you have a beautiful looking home in traditional style. Glass tables can look great in a minimalist contemporary décor looking spare and chic. But for long lasting service and comfort factor, nothing equals a solid wood table with its durability, looks and aesthetics also. Here you can see a plethora of solid wood tables from Century Furniture. Most of them come with drawers and shelves. Some have beautifully crafted legs and storage areas. Check which you will choose for your own use?

Wood Office Table Crossed Legs With Drawers
Wood Office Table Crossed Legs With Drawers

Wonderful Wood Office Table With Drawers
Wonderful Wood Office Table With Drawers

Smart Metal Base Black Top Office Table
Smart Metal Base Black Top Office Table

Off-White Big Wood Office Table
Off-White Big Wood Office Table

Handsome Solid Wood Office Table
Handsome Solid Wood Office Table

Beautiful Oak Finish Office Table
Beautiful Oak Finish Office Table

All Black Quadrant Type Office Table
All Black Quadrant Type Office Table

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Elegant Looking Writing Desks for Your Home And Office Use

Writing desks are important items in our home-office or office area. An elegant looking writing desk can add to the character and classy look of your office greatly. It adds to the professional look as well serves a utilitarian purpose. The writing desk is generally the focus of the office area. It holds all your tools of trade – including a PC today.

Formerly writing desks were considered as heirlooms – handed down the generations – looking venerable with smooth polished desk – made smoother more by use. Writing desks are almost as large as tables and most of them are also as tall as normal tables. Any normal chair can be of appropriate size for working at it.

Writing desks come in all shapes – mostly rectangular and sizes. They are mostly made from hardwood and are styled in a classic traditional way. The finishes are varied but almost are all superbly crafted with drawers, and cubby holes. The work surface is quite spacious and sometimes they are ornamentally done with inlay work etc.

Generally a standard looking writing desk looks classic almost an accent piece for your living room corner which doubles as your work space. Some times secretary desks can be used as writing desks. These have a front drop leaf attachment and are more compact and convenient for writing. The work area can be taken up and closed up in a drop-front leaf desk.

Another type of working desk is the roll-top desk. This has a cover that can be rolled down from the inner edge of the desk top. There may be cubby holes and compartments inside along with hand -carved decorations. If you want to use a roll-top desk for as a desk for computers, you need to get done some alteration and adjustments to hold the PC and its accessories.

Traditional writing desks had lighter looking wood finishes like maple and pine. A light or neutral finish can help in making it blend with the décor of the room where you will be using it. Actually by using water-proof finishing like oil or varnish, shellac or polyurethane finishes you can keep the working surface look good for longer times.

Here are some writing desks from Troy Brook Visions. All writing desks have beautifully finished working surfaces with the drawers and/or cubbyhole facilities for storage. Any of these desks will add grace to your office or home office ambience.

Simple and Elegant Looking Desk

Desk with Twin Towers and Top Drawers

Desk with Drawers in Maple Finish

Desk with Beautiful Finish and Drawers

Cubby Holes and Drawers

Beautiful Inlay Work with Cubby Holes

Attractive Looking Desk with Drawers

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Great Looking Office Furniture for Elegant Office Décor

New Year is a great time to revamp the office furniture. Getting new furniture can make the office look more prosperous and successful that may invite more visitors into the office and more visitors becoming clients and customers with a boost to the profits and success rate.

We spend about a minimum of 8 hrs in the office and sometimes even continuously and so the table and chairs need to be ergonomically compliant. They need to look attractive to make the ambiance really great. Good looking ergonomically compliant chairs will improve the physical and mental well being of the employees greatly that will show a positive spurt in the business.

Unless you are a solo entrepreneur working from home, most of us share work spaces. When you share spaces, it should not hamper the functional aspect of the work space. The sharing of spaces should be convenient to all and the overall atmosphere should be relaxed and pleasant to promote the working environment to increase production.

Sharing spaces need to be planned sensibly so that when visitors come, the staff does not get unnecessarily disturbed or the visitor can be entertained with some amount of privacy. It is essential to plan for the reception area where the visitors can be seated comfortably until such time they can meet the person who will attend to them.

When one table surface is divided so that two, three or four can be accommodated, the central panel/bar that creates the division needs to be well chosen so that wiring arrangements and cables are easy to manage and well placed. When needed, privacy is well provided for each of the staff and when needed, it is easy to go over and confer with each other.

Here you can see a number of office arrangements designed by Antonio Morello; these are called Entity products with very well chosen ergonomically compliant table chairs and other furniture. You can see executive table -chairs where there is no sharing done as well single table shared by two persons as well shared by four persons. Everything looks sleek and sophisticatedly chic looking

Other necessary furniture like storage furniture, side tables all match the wall and table décor generally. Working table tops are mostly melamine topped in veneer finish of maple or walnut. White and black are also used. The central panel is glass – either plain or colored. Table frames are all in metal – aluminum.

Wood Finish Twin Table with Matching Console
Wood Finish Twin Table

Wood Finish Table Console Set
Wood Finish Table Console Set

Wood and White Finish Office Tables
White Finish Office Tables

Two Views of Table Chair Arrangements
Table Chair Arrangements

Two Views of Executive Table Chairs
Executive Table Chairs

Space for Staff Done in White

Side By Side Table Arrangement
Side Table Arrangement

Office Tables in All White
Office Tables in All White

L-Shaped Office Table in White and Brown

Attractive Arrangement for Four
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A Home Office Designed To Suit You

There’s no doubt about it, technology has completely changed the way we live and work, and the traditional office set up is becoming much more flexible. With broadband, iPhone, Blackberry and Skype, people can now work pretty much anywhere and lots of people are choosing to break their week up by working from home from time to time. If this sounds like you, or if you have decided to set up your own business and work entirely from home, then it’s important to have a room or space that is dedicated to work use. Though it’s great having the luxury of being able to come and go when you please (and of course the commute is much easier) you also need to create a good ‘working’ environment in your home, so that you feel like you’re in the office, even if you’re just in the spare room!

Fitted home offices can be tailored to your individual needs and you can have furniture and fittings designed to fit any size or shape of room, even a box room. This will make the most of the space you have available and create a relaxing atmosphere to work in. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to run a business if you constantly find yourself tripping over files or can never remember where you’ve put things because the office is cramped and cluttered.

The first step to getting a fitted home office installed is to meet with a design expert who will visit you at your home and take a look at the room you would like to convert to an office. Your designer will be able to advise you on what’s possible and you can chat through any ideas you might have yourself at the time. It’s a good idea to be on the same page right from the start and together you’ll be able to create something that is perfectly suited to your needs. You can also talk about what type of materials you would like to use – remember fitted home offices don’t have to look like traditional corporate offices. It’s your home so you can design it as you see fit. Your design expert will then measure the room you would like to convert and every aspect of positioning will be taken in to consideration.

If you’ve considering a fitted home office, why not make the call today and get the ball rolling. You’d be surprised how easy the whole process is, and before you know it you’ll be working away in your brand new office!

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