Bar Stools – Best Dining Seat Arrangements for Small Houses And Apartments


If you are strapped for space in your small home or studio apartment – especially in the dining area, do away with the dining chairs and dining tables. Barstools can be the best alternative that will save space and look neat and elegant in your apartment. You can stack them one over the other when not in use – all the more reason you should opt for bar stools. A studio apartment can have open kitchen running into living room without any specific dining room per se or even a designated dining area. Today’s small houses that have only one bedroom and kitchen cum living room also will face the same problem of not having separate dining area. Best idea is to use barstools at the kitchen itself using a counter top as dining table. Using free standing kitchen islands can be a good idea. But you must take care to get a slim and compact kitchen island that can do multiple duties as kitchen-work space, dining area, storage space and even your own and kids’ home work space when needed. If you get a slightly taller island – as tall as a bar-counter-height kitchen island, it will be perfect.

Contemporary bar stools come in quaint shapes and vibrant colours. When you go for good quality bar stools, they come with all kinds of guarantees. Metal, wood, polycarbonate stools, and wood-metal combo – all look great and are very utilitarian. They can be used at a bar table as well as kitchen counter tops. Light weight and stackable, they can be stored when not needed. Here are some beautiful looking barstools from Casamania. They look light, sleek with classic and clean-cut designs. Very comfortable looking, but they are not space hogging. With footrests and back supports, some look so elegant and stylish, will add ambience to any room in your home. Perfect for a small home!

I am sure you are also keen to get some bar stools like above. These will be convenient to use not only in your kitchen but also if you have an additional kitchen in the backyard or poolside, they can come handy. They blend nicely with any kind of furniture and you will love them once you have them. You can be sure of finding them very useful in your small home or studio apartment!

Sleek Looking Stylish Bar Stool

Simple and Sturdy Stools

Innovative and Attractive Stools

Comfy Seats At Bar Table

Colourful and Cute Looking Bar Stools
colorful and cute-looking-bar-stools

Black And White Bar Stools

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Multi Functional Dining Table


In the first instance this table cannot get any simpler in design. But voila it transforms into a smaller or bigger structure as per your requirements. Want to carry on your business, just turn up one part and turn it into your office desk. Do you have guests over? well extend the table to fit them all. This simple yet extremely functional black table is designed by Cecilia Olsson. Check it out.


round dining tables

Multi Functional Dining Table

round pedestal dining table

solid wood dining table

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Beautiful Looking Bistro Breakfast Tables

Bistro tables are beautiful additions to living room, kitchen or patio of your home. Anywhere you are thinking of entertaining, you will like to have a bistro table there to add elegance and chic look to the area. Especially if you are thinking of small scale entertaining, bistro tables are the tables of choice. For just a friend or two, bistro tables are best.

Bistro tables are very popular in commercial entertainment area also. Whether it is roadside cafes, small pubs and ice-cream parlours etc, bistro tables are the most favoured. They are the ideal tables for as a foursome or a two some eating surface – either with chic and sophisticated bar stools or elegant looking tallish sleek chairs.

Bistro tables are taller than normal dining tables. The elegant looking famous Paris style bistros are quite tall and chic – smallish and with flowing lines. Mostly paired with tallish bar stools, these tables are the European favourites – especially in the road side cafes – where under cute sun shades, people sit and have coffee, and breakfast leisurely.

Bistro tables come in all styles. Elegant looking classic bistros in metal with scroll work find favour with a lit of people even today. Glass topped and acrylic based bistros, wood and glass combo bistros, and pure wood bistros and now even bamboo bistros are available with sleek looking stools – with and without footrest and hand supports.

Bistro tables can be custom made with your choices – traditional or vibrantly modern; frames – like metal or wood. The most popular ones are now with glass topped and metal or wood frames. Bistros completely made of polycarbonates are also very popular as much as bamboo bistro and cane bistros – made from natural canes or synthetic resins.

There are stools available that can match the frame of the bistro tables and the design as well the finish of the table. Upholstery – leather, microfiber or pure cotton are the choices you can find for stools or tall chairs to go with the bistro. They can be swivel seats, or stationary seats – with foot rest and back support options as well handles to the sides.

Here are some beautiful looking bistros from Humble Abode. Look at the scroll work based metal bistros with elegant looking bar stools. Don’t you think you would love to have one for your home?

Wooden Bistro with Central Pedestal

Scroll Work and Metal Frame

Glass Topped Frame on Bronze Finish Frame and Chairs

Espresso Finish Bistro Table and Stools

Copper Finish Top and Metal Frame

Black and Brown Combo Bistro

Bistro with Tubular Frame and Wood Top

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Oak Sideboards for Your Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms are high-traffic areas and pulse center of your home. Dining rooms are where the family get together to have their meals. This is where the family bond nicely over their breakfast or dinner. Dinner times are when we relax together talking over the day-to-day occurrences and share their experiences and unwind from the stress of day.

Dining tables often get cluttered with the multifarious things that we happen to need while we eat. And many a time, when we may need extra cutlery, crockery etc in hurry and it is wise to have all these items nearby. A sideboard – spacious and well designed – can make it easier for you when you serve your meals with providing extra space and storage.

Sideboards are ideal places to store your cutlery, crockery and wine. Specially constructed wine storage racks will be ideal for storing them. Sideboards make storage easy in the dining room making it look less cluttered and more orderly. With separate drawers and shelves for storing your condiments and other items that you need in dining room.

Wooden sideboards are the most popular choice. To have a complete dining room set, it is best to have the dining table, chairs, and sideboards all in the same style and made of the same wood. Suppose you have an oak dining table and chair set, it is ideal to have an oaken sideboard in the same grain finish so they complement each other ideally.

Well-crafted sideboards are from good quality wood which is kiln dried. Some of the sideboards which are commonly available are made of compressed wood and solid-wood veneer finish. Today high-quality compressed wood also is moisture and termite-proof, fire retardant and retains shape quite reasonably. But this is not as fine looking as original solid wood.

Dovetail joints, smooth finish inside and outside, brass/solid wood handles, beautifully worked drawers and panels are all the features of high-quality side boards. They provide assured and durable service, without drying out or losing their shape, color or finish for long years. The distressed rustic look may be great to add rural charm to your home.

Here are some beautiful oak sideboards from Swanky Rooms Co. These are made of original oak wood which is kiln dried and mature. They are also hand crafted and manufactured to add great beauty and value to your home.

With Four Drawers and Shelves

Smaller Size with Top Drawers

Sideboard with Wine Rack

Oak Sideboard with Drawers and Shelves

Glass Doors and Bottom Drawers

Glass Case with Built in Light

Another View of Wine Rack

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Sophisticated Sideboards Make Elegant Dining Areas


Dining areas need storage area to keep the extra cutlery and crockery as well extra serving dishes that you may not use on a daily basis. Even if you do not have a separate dining room, you will need storage cabinets near dining area without fail. You can create a focal area of décor if you opt for great looking sideboards that can be used for storage too.

Formerly dining rooms used to be separate from living room areas where family will dine every day. Dining room is where your guests eat either a sit-down formal dinner or a buffet that can be casual and relaxed. But nowadays dining area is adjacent to the living room area. Some of us have a separate dining table and chair set or most of us use high bar stools and eat off the island or kitchen counters.

When you have such an informal dining setting, you can create elegance and sophistication by bringing in a beautiful and traditional looking side board as an accent piece. Sideboards can be exotic looking in baroque fashion making your dining area and kitchen a stylishly elegant and beautifully furnished area.

Sideboards can have bow fronted look or straight cut fronts and like the patio console table, the dining area consoles can have beautiful and ornamental framed mirrors. The mirror not only adds a special decorative accent, the entire kitchen – dining section looks brightly lit and more beautiful. Sometimes instead of a mirror, a beautiful painting, wall art or artifact can be suspended over the console table.

Sideboards can have shelves with doors or pull-out drawers. Some sideboards are specially made with bow fronts, and special carved details in the corners or in the center. Some of them have additional glamour with gilded designs and special carvings etc.

Here you can see a number of sideboards that look very authentically rococo and ornate in design and finish. These sideboards are from the stables of Elitis. They look very elegant and chic with a good amount of carving and hand-tooling done to make them look imposing and grand looking with additional gilding and other hand work. Theses gilded tables look really elegant and chic and will add to the style quotient of your dining area and your kitchen!

Wonderful Looking Gilded Bow Front Sideboard

Superbly Carved Wood Console Table

Sideboard in Yellow and Cream

High Glossy & Elegant Decorated Shelf

Handsomely Tooled Bow Front Sideboard

Golden and Brown with Hand-Carving

Beautifully Carved Design in Blue

Attractive Looking Sideboard with Red Trims

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Elegant Looking Tables for Everyday Use

Tables today are not reserved for just dining today. They are used as more than a flat surface to serve food to family or guests. These are instrumental in making things easy around the home. These tables though called dining tables do multitask on a regular basis.

This is where the children sit down and do their home work under the benevolent eyes of the mother. This is where they do their extra curricular activities like painting, art and craft work and other project work. Also this is where the mom starts and checks her mail and surf the net for new recipes or other important social-media activities.

When well chosen, these tables will last decades for you without needing more than minimal maintenance work. You can choose whatever material you think will suit your life style – like full wood, full metal, or wood and metal mixed. Today table frames are mostly either wood based or metal based. The top can be anything and you need to decide on both the top and base before your purchase.

With a metal or wood frame, you can choose a chic looking glass top or the old world charm of the marble top. Wood top can look traditional, classy and solid and may look imposing. A glass top can look light, floating, modern and essentially contemporary. With sturdy frames of either wood or metal, any kind of top will look just superb and you can choose what will suit your home style best.

Here are some images of some stunningly beautiful tables from Jesse – renowned for creating high-quality furniture. Here you can see glass topped, wooden topped and also poly-carbonate materials like acrylic, plastic etc topped tables. Some tables are fully made of poly-carbonate materials whereas the dining chairs are with metal bases and seats and backs made from white plastic material.

There are tables made completely of wood which look very elegant lit by beautiful suspension lights. Most of the chairs shown here are of plastic seats with metal frames and look elegant and lightweight. The white poly-carbonate table with pedestal base and turquoise blue chairs are extremely chic looking and very comfortable too. Chairs and tables are sometime matched in color like white with white but mostly contrasted like white with black. Don’t you think they are all beautiful?

Wonderful Looking Full White Poly Set
Wonderful Looking Full White Poly Set

Pretty White Black Combo Table Set
Pretty White Black Combo Table Set

Handsome Wood Table Black Chair Set
Handsome Wood Table Black Chair Set

Gorgeous Turquoise Blue White Set
Gorgeous Turquoise Blue White Set

Elegant Table Set In Dark Brown
Elegant Table Set In Dark Brown

Dining Table Chair Wood White Combo
Dining Table Chair Wood White Combo

Black Chair Glass Topped Table Set
Black Chair Glass Topped Table Set

All White Poly Table Chair Set
All White Poly Table Chair Set

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