Gorgeous Wall Treatments Add Beauty And Character to Your Wall Decor


Thinking of making over your home decor? Most probably, first thing you like to do is to decide how to do your wall decor. The major dilemma would be whether to paint or whether to use wallpapers. When you look at the latest absolutely adorable paint options, it can be very tempting to paint the walls specially using the Paint spray tools but before you decide, check out all options that are available with wallpapers too. Walls offer the maximum surface to decorate in your home decor. Beautiful looking walls can really bring style and sophisticated beauty to your home. Good quality paint can be expensive compared to wallpaper. And applying paint is time consuming, messy and is more labor involved. You have to cover all the furniture and flooring etc. Comparatively wallpaper application is faster and easier.

What options are there in wallpaper? There are some types of wall covering which are not actually paper – neither in look nor in texture. They are all great viable options to painting your walls. Some of them are made of grass burlap and are cork-based; some are paper backed fabric – which looks great and lastly the vinyl wall covering which is most popular. There are textured wall papers – with embossing , mural wall papers, fluorescent wallpapers, scented wallpaper with lavender or lilac scented fiber, deodorizing wallpapers (with charcoal particles). The designs are endless and colors are from gentle soothing pastels to stunning bright fluorescent shades with designs digitally printed. You are sure of having something unique!

But wallpaper certainly should be professionally applied. It certainly needs more than one person for getting an even looking and smooth finish. Any defective or uneven wall surface can be bridged with special material economically and wall paper can be applied giving an overall smooth and intriguing look and surface to your walls and bring beauty. Here are some stunning looking wall treatments from STICKJOY DECOR HOUSE. Look at the glowing sunshine yellow and orange patterns. How beautiful are the designs and wall decals applied. The cream yellow color makes the room look so serene and beautiful. The living room in light blue with black flower patterns looks very cool indeed.

What do you want to choose when you are doing your home makeover? Don’t you think the wallpapers will make your home come alive stunningly? You can even have one or more walls customized with wallpapers with family photos digitally printed and make a totally unique home décor.

Wonderful Looking in White and Green

Sunshine Yellow with Orange Flowers

Pretty Yellow Cushions and Pale Pink Walls

Elegant Looking Pale Blues and Creams

Cream Yellows and Black Decal

Cool Blues Contrasted with Black Flowers

Beautiful in Beige and Yellow

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Beautiful And Elegant Home Theatre Seating – The Ultimate in Stylish Luxury

Today home theater is the prime home entertainment center. Home theater experience is not complete without comfortable and elegant looking home theater seats. When we are keen to enjoy all the luxury of seeing a movie at home theatre style, the seating should match the audio and video experience and double the comfort and pleasure – in fact better than the actual theatre experience! We spend a lot of time, money and effort to pick and choose the various components of home theatre. Similar amount of attention is needed while we pick up the home theatre seating also. Today a vast range of theatre seating is available and in all styles and sizes. Once you decide on your requirement, it will be child’s play to pick the best to suit your likes and the budget.

First check out whether you have a spacious area to hold all the home theatre equipment and the pretty large sized home theatre seating with foot rests and reclining back etc. If space permits, a large roomy entertainment center room with two rows of seats with aisles and all comforts is ideal. But a smaller home can have a smaller home theatre with two or four chairs comfortably arranged. Finding the correct size to fit your home and the entertainment center room is very important before placing an order. Measure the space exactly and check for sufficient legroom and walking space around. Decide exactly how many chairs you need and how many can be fitted comfortably in the room. Choose the style, material and upholstery to match the room and home décor.

Since home theatre seats come with a multitude of amenities, you can pick and choose what you would like to have in your seats. Along with extending foot rests and reclining backs, the arms of the seats have storage option, detachable tray holders, and very conveniently there are touch screen remote controls to adjust the video, audio and other features. Special customization for holding an iPad is an option with some models. Here are some stunning looking home theatre chairs from Elite Home Theater Seating. Look at the velvet upholstered chairs with golden color piping and matching beautiful lighting. And look at the beautiful black and chocolate leather upholstery. Look at the innovative slide-out iPad holder and the concealed storage drawers to hold some CDs, remote controls etc. How lovely the chairs look with red velvet upholstery?

I am sure you are keen to buy some state of art home theatre seats as shown. Go online and browse, check with your interior decorator and bring home some beautiful home theatre seats!

Stunning Looking Theater Seat

Seat with Optional Storage Facility

Regal Looking in Red Velvet and Matching Decor

Fitted With Slide-Out Touch-Pad Control Panel

Exclusive Seat with Specially Fitted IPad Holder

Cute Looking in Chocolate Color Leather

Customized with Removable Wood Tray
customized-with-removable wood-tray

Beautiful Theatre Seats Fitted In Black Leather</span

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Illuminated Modern Wooden Furniture

illuminated furniture

Designed by a very famous designer Giancarlo Zema the below pieces of wooden furniture are truly innovative and unique. These were designed specially for the Avanzini Group and they received such amazing feedback that they were forced to display these amazing Bright Woods furniture collection at the Design in Nature exhibition as a part of the Milan Furniture Fair. Unique and eye-catching, Bright Woods’ collection of illuminated chairs and tables are sure to capture your attention with their engaging glow. The strips are indulged in unique different colors including pink, orange, purple and white. The glowing furniture carries a pleasing appeal and looks great in any indoors and outdoors, and enhances your decor with the trendy style.

Stylish And Innovative Purple Light Wooden Furniture
illuminated furniture

Stylish And Innovative Illuminated Wooden Furniture
wooden crate furniture

wooden crate furniture

Stylish And Innovative Orange Light Wooden Furniture
wooden lawn furniture

wooden lawn furniture

Stylish And Innovative Multicolor Illuminated Wooden Furniture

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Illuminated Coffee And Lounge Table Designs

The translucent coffee tables shown below are an attractive piece of interior furniture. You could use these indoors for the living room or make use of these after sunset in your garden or patio. Wherever you use them the Lounge extraordinary translucent tables from Moree will fill the place with atmospheric light. You could even choose the kind of light you would prefer. There are the simple white LED light bulbs and there is also a wide variety of multi color LED’s that you could choose from to enlighten your room. By mixing the primary colors like red, green and blue, every color could be set individually or choose one of three predefined color programs with predefined color changes.

Illuminated Lounge Table Design

Illuminated Coffee Table Design

Multi Color Lounge Table Design

White LED Living Room Coffee Table Design

White LED Living Room Oval Shaped Coffee Table Design

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Elegant And Beautiful Computer Armoires to Make Working Easy at Home

Today computer has become a part of our life. Right from desktop computer to the smallest size PC – like a palm computer, you have computers in all sizes. Most commonly either we have a desktop or a laptop. Spacious houses have a separate room for the computer – a den or library. But if you have a small apartment, a computer armoire will be a good idea to house the computer and peripherals. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, there are some peripherals which are essential along with the computers. With the usual CPU mouse and keyboard for the desk-top computers, you may have printers, modem, and fax machine (optional). A computer armoire will help you in keeping all these organized and neat keeping things uncluttered and orderly.

What are the criteria to look for before purchasing a computer armoire? First check out what are all the peripherals you are having that need to be arranged in the armoire. Measure the exact size of the CPU, printers and the speakers. Also decide whether you want to keep the paper supply for the printers and other items – like clips, pins, files and file covers, pen and pencils in the armoire.
You should decide how tall should be the desk. If you have a desktop computer, you would need a drawer at a lower level for the keyboard and mouse. In case you are going to use a laptop mostly, you may need to have a lower desktop so that you are seated ergonomically correctly while working either with a desktop PC or a laptop and typing height is perfect for you.

Also check whether the shelves and cubby holes are roomy and well designed to accommodate the printer. Do they have sufficient room for feeding the paper and changing the cartridge etc and have provision for wire connections etc? And other consideration will be where you are going to keep the armoire? In the living room or in the bedroom and how big a space can you spare for the armoire?
Here are some beautiful and functional computer armoires from Furniture from Home. Look how beautiful is the executive type black and cherry armoire! And the modular style armoire in black is looking totally sleek! The white distressed looking armoire with return is stunningly beautiful and functional too! All of the armoires are exquisitely crafted and smoothly and beautifully finished.

I am sure you also are keen to have a beautiful computer armoire. Go online and check out and bring home a great looking computer armoire!

Traditional Style in Solid Wood
traditional-in-style- and-in-solid-wood

Simply Elegant Armoire in White

Natty Looking Computer Armoire and Chair

Modular and Classic Look in Black Finish

Hutch, Desk and Shelf in Traditional White

Cute Looking Computer Table and Chair

Contemporary Style Wood Armoire in Espresso Finish

Chic and Sophisticated Looking Computer Armoire

Beautiful Armoire in Black Cherry and Gold

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Outstandingly Creative Award Winning Designer Chairs

designer dining chairs

Verner Panton is a well known figure these days because of the mind blowing creative and stylish designer chairs that he has been launching lately. The plastic chair shown below is created out of one piece and was the first product independently developed by Vitra. It arrived on the market in 1967 and later become an icon of furniture design. Most of the time the chair manufacturing technology was based on method using rigid polyurethane foam. With the progress in plastics technology, the Panton Chair could be manufactured by injecting the material of polypropylene, which is fully recyclable. This method makes it less expensive and hence possible for wide range of public. The last version of the chair was produced in collaboration with the designer at the end of the 1990s. Vitra launched a national Panton Chair Competition. In the search for the best customized Panton Chair, architects and designers were asked to implement their own vision of the classic icon. Shown below are the winners of the competition and some other designs we liked.

Funky Designer Creative Chairs
designer dining chairs

Transparent Designer Creative Chairs
designer office chairs

designer office chairs

Steel Looking Plastic Designer Creative Chairs
creative chair designs

Funky Designer Creative Chairs

Designer Creative Chairs

Award Winning Designer Creative Chairs

creative chair designs

Funky Designer Creative Chairs

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