Bathroom Design For Spacious And Simple Elegance

Bathrooms are high-traffic zones which need to be comfortable. Comforts need not come at the cost of elegance or style. If you plan your bathroom furniture wisely, you can make your bathroom look spacious and still have all the essentials that are a must in the bathroom. Home owners are now willing to devote time, money and attention to have a real comfortable bathroom. The most important feature of an elegant bathroom is getting a beautiful vanity fitted. This is one of the three most important fittings for the bathroom. This is where you start the day with morning ablutions and this where you spend your time before retiring for the night. A good vanity can make a style statement easily about your bathroom and along with that a beautiful fragrance from Acassa would surely be a perfect deal.

You can have a single type of vanity with one basin. Or if you happen to have a big size bathroom, you can have a pair fitted – like ‘His & Hers’ with separate mirrors or one large mirror that can serve both the basins. Depending on the availability of space, you can have two small vanities or a huge counter which can contain a lot more space along with the two vanities. There are a number of models available. You can ask your interior decorator for advice as well surf the net for online shops dealing with bath products. Some vanities can be large sized from floor level with ample storage under the counters. And there are floating type vanities which look sleek and uncluttered in classic simple lines that add to the spacious look.

Vanity mirrors can add to the luxurious look of your bathroom. Beautifully framed mirrors with back-lighting and wall sconces over them can make the bathroom look grand and brightly lit. There are vanities available with concealed shelves behind the mirrors for holding your drugs and other makeup stuff. Built in lights for drawers, shelves and below the vanities are options.
Check for good quality material while you are selecting your vanity. Bathroom is a high humidity zone where condensation occurs continuously and this and the moisture can play havoc with poor quality and poorly constructed vanities. Wood without moisture proof treatments and anti-fungus treatment can get misshapen and look untidy and unhygienic.

Here are some beautiful images of classic and elegant bathrooms from Karol. The sleek looking twin vanities with spacious counters can change your bathroom décor dramatically. Check how elegant and spacious the arrangements look!

Simple And Beautiful Vanity Ideas

Lounge For Relaxing Red Vanity

Lounge Ideas Design Decor Room

Vanity For Adjacent To Shower

White And Elegant Decor

Concealed Shelves With Lights

Vanity Furniture With Decor

Floating Vanities

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Ten Unique Bathroom Design Ideas


From light-up bathtubs to chandeliers in the bathroom, there are a number of innovative ways to transform an everyday space. For inspiration, here are ten unique design ideas to transform your bathroom into a fully functional home spa.

1. Faux windows

For those who live in tiny, city apartments – a window is a rare treat, especially one that reveals a breathtaking backdrop. There is a way to overcome this, which involves creating your very own faux window. Simply place a scenic photo onto glass and hang it where you would expect the window to be.

2. Bold wallpaper

A room with personality is one way to overcome a small space. Instead of keeping the décor clean and minimalistic, choose vibrant wallpaper to add instant character to the room.

3. Under-cabinet lighting

After a hectic day in the office, a long soak in the bath is a welcome treat. Clever lighting in the bathroom plays an important role and installing a variety of dimmable spotlights will allow you to control the intensity of the light. Under-cabinet illumination works to enhance pretty shelving displays as well as a number of darker areas.

4. Light-up bathtubs

Although unconventional, a light-up bathtub is a great asset to the modern-day bathroom. The light from the tub will illuminate the room without the need for a main lighting source.

5. A chandelier

Placing a chandelier above the bathtub will create a retro effect and one that will add instant drama to the room. Complement this feature with a variety of similarly styled accessories.

6. A sunken bath

Creating a spa-like effect in your home is easier than you may think and one way to add a little opulence includes investing in a sunken bath, such as those featured by Betta Living. Instead of climbing over the side of the tub, you can simply sink into it.

7. Tiles

Tiling both the floor and the walls will work to create the appearance of a wetroom, and when colourful shades are added in, it will instantly update a tired space.

8. Storage

If you are short on space, placing pull-out drawers beneath the sink will put the basin to good use whilst allowing you to hide any unwanted clutter.

9. Use a rug

If you have a larger space to work with, laying a rug will help you to create a cosy, welcoming room, whilst introducing a hint of colour.

10. Mirrors

Mirrors can be applied to a smaller space in order to make it appear larger, especially now that there are a range of mirrored furniture options to choose from. Instead of hanging a mirror from the wall, opt to place a reflective cabinet in its place.

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Beautiful Bathtubs For Gorgeous Bathroom Design

Bathrooms may be small sized or big, traditional looking or contemporary; but nobody can deny the importance of furnishing the bathrooms as comfortably as possible. When the bathroom layout is efficiently planned out in the initial stages, you can be sure of having a well laid out and well furnished bathroom that will give long years of service.

Depending on the size of the bathroom you can manage the layout that will optimally utilize the space available and comfortably position the three most important aspects of the bathroom – the sink, toilet and the shower-tub facilities. Whether you can plumb along the same wet wall or on different walls will depend on the size of the room and your design also.

Bathtub is very important furniture in a well appointed bathroom. Though nowadays, some of the tiny bathrooms we see in some one room apartments do not have enough space for a bathtub. In a moderate sized bathroom, bathtub becomes the focus of the bathroom adding to the ambience and comfort, and making the bathroom look complete and cozy.

What are the general types of bathtubs we have? Tubs can be freestanding and rest on legs called claw and ball feet or they can rest on a pedestal, sitting more solidly on the floor directly. A walk-in type wall supported bathtub with all safety features will make bathing safe for senior citizens like grab bars, built-in chair and a watertight door system.

Today there are modern bathtubs made of acrylic or fiberglass. Formerly only copper, cast iron or other composites with other materials were used with enamel over the interior inner surface. Today you can find waste drains, overflow drains and mounted taps with all facilities like telephone shower, power shower options mounted on the bathtubs.

Usually rectangular or oval shaped, with the advent of thermoformed acrylic bathtubs, innovative shaped bathtubs are easy to be found in the market. Normally one end of the bathtub used to be rounded and the other side flat. Today flat rim tubs, roll top tubs, slipper tubs with one end higher and sloped, double slipper tubs, are some of the new types you can check out.

Here are some images of beautiful bathtubs from Porcher, US. Look at the beautiful claw-footed freestanding bathtub; surely you will like to have one such in your bathroom? Don’t you think the neat-looking white pedestal tub is a nice addition to your bathroom?

With Matching Wall Décor

Stand Alone with Claw Foot

Pewter Shade Wall Decor to Match

With Tile Backsplash in White

Pedestal Bathtub with Handheld Shower

Wall Supported Bathtub

Granite Outer with Full Set

In Olive Shade Outer Frame

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The Most Popular Bathroom Furniture Products


Bathroom furniture products are great choices for those who want to add a bit of decorative aspect to their room. You can use furniture to give your bathroom a unique look and to give it a bit of your own personality. In order to create the right look for your room however, you have to know what pieces are best. There are a number of options that are available today and learning more about bathroom furniture can help you to choose the right pieces. Here is a list of the most popular bathroom furniture products that can help you to determine what pieces will look best in your room:

1. Vanities – Vanities are the most popularly chosen pieces of bathroom furniture. These are typically a combination of the sink, mirror and cabinet and they are available in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, design schemes and even price ranges. They are great choices for bathrooms of all sizes and can help to simplify the overall design of your room. If you have difficulties choosing accessories for your bathroom, vanities are a great choice as all of the main pieces are already in there. Vanities are very affordable and most are relatively easy to install as well.
2. Sinks – Sinks are essential in every bathroom and there are a number of sizes, style and type options available today. You have material choices of glass, porcelain, stainless steel and other metals, iron and many others. Sinks can be attached to the walk or sitting atop a counter or pedestal depending on your space availability and your personal preferences.
3. Cabinets – Cabinets give you storage space and can easily be installed. Bathroom cabinets ensure that you have plenty of space for storing your toiletries as well as towels and other necessities. There are many types, sizes and designs of cabinets available and they come in a wide range of finishes and colours.
4. Mirror – Finally, mirrors are an essential part of your bathroom décor. They come in many shapes and sizes as well and can be freestanding, wall mounted or part of your vanity. You can hang just one or several mirrors in the bathroom and keep in mind that mirrors make a smaller room look larger.

You can see that there are a number of things to consider when choosing furniture for your bathroom. This list of the most popular pieces should help you to find the right furnishings for your room and help you to add a bit of your personal style while still maintaining your budget.

This article was written by The Plumb Store. We offer a wide range of high quality bathroom and plumbing products.

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Decorative Bathroom Radiators

Lavish Bathroom Design Ideas

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Stylish Walk In Bathtub For Bathroom

bath design ideas

This walk-in bathtub is one amazing creative solution for a small bathroom. It fits into a wall just like a wash basin and would not occupy space with its bulgy body. It has been designed by MAXX Professional and it features a safety grab rails, slip resistant floor, and chrome waste with chrome overflow. It has a comfortable seat with an elevated back rest which makes your bathing very comfortable and relaxing even in such small bathtub. Besides, the bathtub could be complemented with a whirlpool heater, a chromo therapy light system, and a water heater. With all these amazing features and benefits gone are the days of having bulky hug bathtub.

Space Saving Bathroom Design Ideas
bath design ideas

stylish bathtub

Space Saving Bathroom Design Ideas – Walk In Bath Tub
stylish bathtub

stylish bathrooms

Creative And Attractive Bathroom Design Ideas
stylish bathrooms

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Wonderful-Looking Vanity Cabinets Add Class to Your Bathroom Furniture

Storage spaces are generally in short supply in our houses. A storage crunch in bathrooms is a common occurrence. When there are pre-teens and teenage children around, more and more gadgets and cosmetics seem to find their way to the bathrooms. A nice way to provide extra storage and renovate an existing bathroom is to change the vanity cabinets. Beautiful-looking vanity furniture will add to the aesthetics of your bathroom, provide extra storage and help in organizing the clutter and mess that often happens in the bathroom.
Whether you are totally redoing the entire bathroom or just replacing the vanity, you should plan ahead and look for best options. The size of cabinets should complement the bathroom size. Also you should check what kind of vanity will suit the existing bathroom theme and whether the color scheme will blend aesthetically. If you are replacing the old one, care should be taken to place it exactly where the plumbing pipes exist. If you are going for a pre-built type of vanity, be sure to take precise measurements.
First explore what size cabinet you may need. Make an exhaustive list of things that you are going to store in the vanity. It will include medicines, cosmetics, stuff you need for personal grooming, things for dental care, and small electric appliances like hairdryers, hair- curlers/stylers and laundry products, and scouring, cleaning products. Also you may have to decide what kind and size of mirrors and lighting go with the new cabinets.
Today, wood, glass, stone and metal are used to create some very beautiful and classy-looking bathroom vanity furniture. There are a number of styles like contemporary, traditional, classy and modern with an astonishing array of finishes – both for the cabinets and the bowls – for you to choose. They are available in sizes that will just suit your bathroom. There are vanity cabinets made of eco-friendly materials for the green-sensitive people. Talk to your interior decorator to know more.
There are a number of gorgeous vanity cabinets you can get from DVontz. The images here shown are some of their award-winning vanity cabinets. They will give you enough storage space with elegant looks and easy access. If you are lucky to have a spacious bathroom, you can even have a linen cabinet and a hamper-style cabinet to store your laundry prior to wash. These marvellous looking vanity cabinets can give a customized and classy look to your bathroom decor as well provide you with the needed storage space.

Superb Looking Vanity with C-Shaped Doors

Vanity with Hamper Style Storage Drawer

A Modular Cabinet with Puzzle-Cut Doors

A Wall Mirror with Pullout Drawer

Linen Cupboard with Pull-Out Drawers

All-Wood Cabinet with Contrast Coloured Bowl
a-simple and beautiful-vanity-with-drawers

A Classic Mocha-Coloured Cabinet with Matching Mirror

An Elegant Cabinet in Cherry Color

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